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Our Favourite Comfort Foods In Dublin

The days are finally getting longer and there's a definite air of optimism in Dublin as restrictions start to wind down - but the recent drop in temperature is sharply reminding us that we're still in the depths of winter. Where better to seek respite from the cold and moderately scary, reopened world out there, than with the foods that fill us with comfort and nostalgia at any time of the year, but particularly now...

Ciaran's Coddle, The Gravediggers

Chicken soup might be good for the soul, but Dublin coddle, and in this case, Ciaran’s coddle, is the perfect recipe for warming your bones after a stroll around the historic mecca that is Glasnevin Cemetery. Ciaran Kavanagh, head chef at The Gravediggers, tried and tested iterations of this distinctive Dublin stew before settling on a mix of cocktail sausages, roast ham, bacon ribs and potatoes, served with a side of buttered bread. Add a pint of the black stuff to up the comfort ante.

Seafood Chowder, The Winding Stair

Traditional Irish seafood chowder is another dish we reach for when in need of nourishment - on several levels. Since taking over The Winding Stair in 2006, Elaine Murphy has continued to champion their much-loved chowder made with seafood and Fingal Ferguson’s chorizo, served with a slice of treacle bread.

Pork Sausage Roll, Love Supreme

The Love Supreme sausage rolls have garnered attention from pork and pastry aficionados throughout Dublin, for good reason. Their ingredients are primarily sourced from local, sustainable producers, including free-range pork from Pigs on the Green in Offaly and organic milk from the Village Dairy in Meath. The pork and cabbage sausage roll is elevated with honey and mustard and encased in the flakiest pastry, all freshly baked in their shop in Stoneybatter.

Creole Style Jambalaya, Krewe

Inspired by the “Dirty South” cuisines, Krewe serves various Creole and Cajun dishes with comfort at its core, from their sticky Cajun pork belly to their signature Creole-style jambalaya with chicken, shrimp, chicken, andouille sausage, and red rice smothered in a tomato-based sauce. Pair it with a classic Sazerac cocktail and dive in.

Chicken Ramen, Musashi

Chicken noodle soup is one of those cure-all dishes that acts as a saviour to many of life’s maladies, from a breakup to the common cold. It can't hand you a tissue in times of need (it would if it could), but steamy, spicy broth works its magic on blocked airways while the tender chicken is packed full of protein to give you strength during challenging times. Yes, mum’s chicken soup is the best, but we recommend