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Our Favourite Suburban Southside Grocers

Shopping for local and independent produce doesn't necessarily mean a trip into town anymore, with lots of specialist food stores popping up in the suburbs - meaning those more unusual items and ingredients that might typically send you further afield are getting easier to source. With plenty of pots, bottles and jars to marvel at, as well as snacking and sampling to be done on the premises, these friendly Southside indie grocers have become foodie destinations in themselves, and they beat a trip to the supermarket any day.

Lahoya Greens

Sitting opposite a busy junction in Terenure Village, in a space once occupied by an Eddie Rockets, Lahoya Greens is a welcome new addition to Dublin 6W, with a colourful array of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers spilling out onto the street. Inside there’s plenty more to browse with everything from artisan condiments to free-from products, many of which are Irish made. Be sure to check out the wine pantry, and their impressive refill tower at the back where you can top up on dried fruit, nuts and grains. There are tasty-looking sandwiches available during the week which we’ll be back to sample, and we’re told a coffee counter is coming soon.

Before you leave…

Enjoy a scoop of the hot pink, Bubblegum ice-cream.

Saltwater Grocery, Terenure

Seafood specialist Niall Sabongi’s grocer is a stone’s throw away on the other side of the crossroads and also new to the area. Saltwater Grocery has a buzzy vibe with 3fe coffee and pretty pastries in the window pulling in passers-by. It also packs an awful lot into a small space, with organic wines, cured meats and cheese, but of course the fish counter is the main draw. Sabongi’s seafood BBQ boxes over the summer months were very popular, and the sushi, made fresh in-store, is unmissable. Keep an eye on their Instagram for upcoming in-store events now that restrictions have eased, like oyster & wine pairings.

Before you leave…

Grab a green matcha latté and pick-up some handmade black sole ravioli with lobster from the ready-meal section.

Robbie's Greengrocer & Food Store, Churchtown

Tucked away at the far end of a suburban shop-strip, Robbie’s Greengrocers is fairly new to Churchtown having opened over lockdown. Owner Robbie Malone’s flagship premises in Kilmacud has a dedicated following, and his second premises here is already no different. Robbie’s is a good place to source ingredients and seasonings for ethnic cooking, with a chilli pepper selection that’s second to none, and staff happy to indulge you spending ages photographing them.

Before you leave…

Cute coffee shop The Cosy Bean is next door. Play Russian Roulette with a mixed bag of their mini doughnuts, which come with chocolate, custard, jam or salted caramel fillings.

Provider, Harold's Cross

Stocking artisan snacks, spreads, sauces and everything in between, it's easy to see why HX locals have whole-heartedly embraced Provider. Their hampers make lovely, thoughtful gifts for food enthusiasts, and they’re well-known for championing up-and-coming foodie brands. The sandwiches here are dreamy too and popular with the lunch crowd, so get in early for the best pick and enjoy it in Harold’s Cross park nearby.

Before you leave…

Get something sweet for dessert and stock up on your sourdough at The Old Bakery Store on the same stretch of road. This artisan bakery doubles as a gourmet deli with delicious made-to-order baguettes and its cosy, garden terrace is one of the southside’s best-kept secrets.

Fresh Avenue, Ballinteer

From exotic fruits to fresh olives and ceiling-high shelves, Fresh Avenue is one of those places you could easily lose an hour in. The owners are passionate about getting behind the little guys, preferring to deal directly with producers over large distributors. Community spirit is strong here too - the store was part of a superb Isolation Support initiative over lockdown, supplying meals and groceries to those in need.

Before you leave…

Get a cup of coffee and a pastry while they ring up your purchases,

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