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The ATF Christmas Gift Guide Part 4 - Gadgets & Stocking Fillers

In the final part of our ATF Christmas gift guide, we've rounded up some of the gadgets and kitchen stocking fillers that we'd most like to get this year, from sourdough starter kits to recipe journals, one-time purchase wine openers to bento boxes...

An Enrich & Endure Apron

We found the perfect pressie for your fashionable friend who also loves to get their hands dirty in the kitchen. Enrich & Endure's aprons are 100% Irish linen and handcrafted in Ireland, and they have loads of fun colours, but we especially love the one that they’ve created in collaboration with cookbook author Molly Yeh. Check it out here.

A Pasta Maker

The perfect gift for a friend who likes to show off their prowess in the kitchen, a pasta maker is great to add a little oomph to their dishes. And hopefully they’ll do the polite thing and have you over to sample the finished goods. We found a good option here but most good kitchen stores should have them.

Bannetons and Blades

Know someone who used the pandemic to develop their sourdough skills, or has been looking enviously at everyone who has? Apart from flour and water, they'll need a banneton, liner and a blade. Start them off with a set like this, or buy individual bits here, or in most good kitchen shops.

Toast Tongs

Okay, bear with us on this. This very simple gadget was a gift to us and what we initially thought was the most random thing we’d ever received swiftly became the most used tool in our kitchen. No longer will you have to risk burnt hands (or electrocution if you’re like us and often fish a broken piece of bread from the toaster with a fork). This is the handiest little device to have around and great for the toast lover in your life. If you can find one with a magnet to secure it to the side of the toaster that’s even better. We found ours here.