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The Best Autumnal Dishes In Dublin Right Now

Pumpkin arancini, pumpkin tortelli, pumpkin pizza, even pumpkin cookie sandwiches are popping up on menus right now. Halloween is definitely on the way, and here's what should be on your October eating list in Dublin...

The Zucca Zucca Pizza From Coke Lane

Not content with just topping a pizza with pumpkin, Coke Lane are using it as the base in place of tomatoes, adding nduja & smoked scamorza for maximum flavour.

Pumpkin Arancini From Two Pups

Two Pups have just added sage & Autumn pumpkin arancini with Gubbeen cheese to their menu, and we've been obsessing over them a lot.

Pumpkin Spice Buns From Sourdough And Beyond

New pastry alert. Sourdough and Beyond in Dublin 15 have come up with these pumpkin spice buns with what looks like about 6,000 layers of flaky pastry. They deliver all over Dublin 15 or you can collect.

Pumpkin Cookie Sandwich From Chimac

It's not like Chimac to pass up the opportunity for a themed photoshoot, and Halloween is the latest excuse to get their famous nails out. Their pumpkin ice-cream cookie sandwich takes chewy pumpkin, cinnamon sugar and white chocolate chip snickerdoodle cookies, stuffs them with 3fe cold brew ice-cream and dips them in Belgian white chocolate and a cinnamon crumb. More sweet than spooky but we're not complaining.

Walnut Parfait With Blackberries And Fig Leaf Oil From Bastible

We can't get enough of blackberries right now, but add in a walnut parfait and fig leaf oil à la Bastible and we're looking up bus times to Clanbrassil Street.

Wild Mushroom Tortelli With Pumpkin From Osteria Lucio

There are few things nicer than a big bowl of pasta when the weather turns cooler, and this wild mushroom tortelli with pumpkin, pistachio and sage from Osteria Lucio screams Autumn.

Spiced Pumpkin Cruffin From Bread 41

Of course Bread 41 have a spiced pumpkin pie cruffin with brown butter and cinnamon crème pâtissière, crown prince pumpkin and maple purée, finished with pumpkin ganache and Valhrona dulce and salted pecan shard. What else would we expect from the seasonal pastry Kings and Queens of the city.

Pumpkin Custard Tart From Locks

Locks in Portobello are famous for their custard tarts, but this seasonal pumpkin version sounds like a great excuse to give new head chef Andy Roche's menu a spin.

Blackberry Hotcake From Two Boys Brew

If you haven't had a Two Boys Brew hotcake what are you actually playing at. Their latest creation is blackberry and chocolate flavoured with cherry compote, fresh blackberries, vanilla mousse, sour cherry gel, and a white chocolate ginger nut biscuit crumb. It's Autumn in fluffy, pillowy pancake form.

Wicklow Venison With Butternut Squash, Barley & Chestnut Mushrooms At Spitalfields

Game is still only trickling onto menus in the city but we're very much here for this haunch of Wicklow venison with butternut squash, barley and chestnut mushrooms at Spitalfields in Dublin 8.

Barmbrack From Bread Naturally

Nostalgia alert! No word on whether there are any rings in there but they were always a choking hazard anyway. Bread Naturally are bringing the barmbrack everyday until now until October 31st. We can already taste it, piled with butter in one hand, cup of steaming hot tea in the other.

Pumpkin Spiced Latté From Tír

Tír's pumpkin spiced latté is not your average big-brand syrup, coffee and milk. Their homemade syrup is made from Irish pumpkins, sugar and spices including cinammon, star anise, ginger and nutmeg. If you're going to hop on a trend, do it right.


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