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The Best Boozy Hot Drinks In Dublin Right Now

It’s that time of year when there is truly nothing we rather do than curl up in front of a fire with a juicy book and a scalding hot whiskey, alas, it’s Christmas, and there are places to go and presents to buy. Fear no more. We’re here to heat your mittens and feed your bellies with a selection of Dublin’s best winter warmers. Most have added booze but we've included a few non-alcoholic ones (marked NA) in case you need to keep a clear head.

Mulled Wine & Cider

Mulled Apple Juice At The Cake Café

The Cake Café is a little haven, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Camden Street with indoor and outdoor seating. Along with mince pies, gingerbread men, and the peanut butter cup, their mulled apple juice is the perfect complement to a Saturday brunch or a weekday lunch.

Mulled Wine at Provider Fine Foods, Harold’s Cross

Provider Fine Foods is the kind of establishment where you go in for a pint of milk and end up coming home with an assortment of nut butter, a selection of pastries, and a trendy condiment or two. You might as well pick up a mulled wine while you’re there - it is the season after all.

Mulled Wine at Bestseller, Dawson Street

You've shopped until you're ready to drop and now you need sustinance. Bestseller is a few minutes walk away from the chaos of Grafton Street, and the perfect place to warm your bones with a cinnamon-infused mulled wine.

Red and White Mulled Wine at Margadh, Howth

Experience some of the best views in Dublin by throwing on your winter woollies, hopping in the car and travelling to Howth for a scenic walk. Once you’re finished pop down to Margadh for a mulled house wine (available in white and red) because you deserve it.