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Where to buy an Easter Egg that makes everyone else's look rubbish

You can keep your supermarket bulk buys, when it comes to Easter Eggs we're going all in. Yes you might not be spending this much money on an egg for a smallie in your life, but you definitely should be on yourself (or on someone who'll share with you). The work that's gone into each of these is far beyond the Cadbury's factory - the blending, the moulding, the hand-painting, the truffles hiding inside - and we for one think you've earned one. Here's where to get an Easter egg to make everyone else's look rubbish...

Bon Chocolatiers

All year we wait for the magical day that Bon Chocolatiers release their Easter egg collection, but there's no wait as long as the one until Easter Sunday when we can break that Sweet & Salty open (okay we didn't quite make it to Easter Sunday in 2023 but we're really going to try this year). Their large egg range (€43 - €50, no price change since last year) features other flavours like Preztel Crunch and a gold covered Hazelnut Rocher, and new to their range this year are tiny eggs, in golden crunch and nutty whip (€16.50). Much of their mini-filled eggs are already sold out so hop to it.

And here's the sweet and salty in all of its gooey glory.

Temptation Chocolates

Temptation Chocolates in Laois was set up by twin sisters, Kate & Ruth O’Hara, in 2021. The self-taught chocolatiers hand paint everything by hand, and their large Easter eggs (€45) come in sea salt caramel; hazelnut and almond praline; banoffee; and salted pistachio, and are available for pre-order only. They also do mini eggs (€4.50) and mini bunnies (€4), which also need to be pre-ordered.


Argentinean bakery and café Bakeology's spoonable eggs are back for the third year, with chocotorta, brownie and alfajor options. They come in medium (€15) or large (€20), and can be ordered for collection from Friday 29th - Sunday 31st by DMing them on Instagram.

Hazel Mountain Chocolate

Hazel Mountain Chocolate have retired their famous Wild Atlantic Easter egg this year, with 42% milk and 70% dark eggs taking its place - the milk has sold out already, soz. They've got super cute Easter carrots too, and thankfully our favourite salted caramel Easter bunnies haven't gone anywhere. Shop the full range here.

Bean & Goose

What is Easter at this point without a Bean & Goose chocolate hare or geese (€25.50, up from €22.50 last year). There's milk and dark sea salt caramel goose eggs too (€22.50 up from €19.50), or there's a Hop Into Spring bundle if you really want to spoil someone. See their Easter collection here.

Koko Kinsale

Koko is the must stop chocolatier in Kinsale, and their hand-painted, milk, dark and white chocolate shells are the same offering as last year (with the same prices too from €20 - €28). They're on the simpler side of Easter options, but creme eggs, bunnies, and eggs in cups can be added onto your order. See their Easter range here.

Grá Chocolates

Grá Chocolates' Easter eggs are super-sized versions of their truffles, in flavours like Lil' Bit Salty, Nuts About You, and Bee My Honey (€49 up from €45 last year). The hand-painted, thick chocolate shells are filled with caramel, nuts, praline and honeycomb, or there's a more basic range or dark, milk or white shells filled with truffles for €25 (same price as last year). Check out the range here.

Braw Chocolate

We're crushing on Limerick-based Braw Chocolate's Golden Rabbit, with 40% Colombian milk chocolatem, a white chocolate and hazelnut filling, and an edible gold dusting coating. There's also Bren the Bear for the less flashy, with 40% Colombian Milk Chocolate and a biscoff rocky road centre.

The Proper Chocolate Company

Dublin's bean-to-bar chocolate company Proper Chocolate's eggs come in two basic options this year - milk chocolate and salted caramel, and dark chocolate with Achill Island sea salt; for €22.75 (a mere 25c increase on last year). The bean-to-bar chocolate company is made in micro-batches in Dublin, and there's free shipping within the ROI on orders over €50.

Lorge Chocolatiers

Kerry chocolatier Lorge is an ATF fav, and their eggs come filled with the chocolates we don't need Easter to enjoy. Their hollow or filled eggs come in small, medium or large, and prices range from €10.65 (up from €9.70) for a small hollow, to €44.75 (up from €40.70) for a large filled. Shop here.

Skellig's Chocolate

It seems to be business as usual for Irish chocolatier Skellig's after being bought by Press Up, with their filled, solid eggs continuing into 2024. In a bizarre turn of events, filled eggs have done down a euro in price since last year and are now on sale for €29.50 (an ominous sign?), while you can get a small hollow once for €13 (the same price as last year). There's also a range of hampers available, including the ultra premium "Shell-Shocked" for €150. Buy them online or we're expecting good retailers like Sheridan's in Dunnes to have them too.

Clo Chocolates

Sligo-based Clo Chocolates was set up by Clotilde Rambaud, who learned chocolate making back home in France. After working in Michelin-starred restaurants and travelling the world, she fell in love with Sligo (and her partner who she met there), and opened a bakery and chocolate shop. The small business has won loads of awards, and their Easter collection is really well priced, with sheep, hens and unicorns from €14.50 - €15.95, and shipping at just €5 nationwise.

Fallon & Byrne

If you don't want to commit to a single producer, upmarket Dublin grocery Fallon & Byrne have a smorgasbord of Easter eggs from everyone from Charbonnel & Walker (the former Queen's chocolatier) to a one off special made by Bon Chocolatiers of a dark chocolate shell with a chocolate salted caramel filling (€39). Shop their monumental Easter collection here.

Have we missed any great Easter eggs? Let us know by emailing


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