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Where To Eat Between Christmas And New Year's

Well ladies and gents, the big day is almost here and it's come around in lightning speed. What we always think will be a nice, relaxed run into Christmas has once again become one of the most hectic times of the year. For us, like many, it’s only in the days after Christmas that we really get to put our feet up. This is especially true for all of the lovely people working in our bars and restaurants who are run off their feet right up until Christmas Eve, so the days in between Christmas Day and New Years are a time when we don't begrudge them shutting up shop and having some well-deserved time off. Which is great sure, but where are they (and we) supposed to go if everywhere is closed?!

We're asked this question every year (incessantly) so if you're only getting around to meeting up with your pals on the 28th, or if you’ve been avoiding social contact before spending Christmas Day with family, we've found some places taking one for the team and keeping their doors wide open …. at least until 8pm. Sigh...

Mamó, Howth

Starting off strong with one of our favourite restaurants for any occasion, Mamó is open from December 27th – 31st and would be a great way to round off festivities. Their food is primarily sourced locally in North Dublin and the cooking is some of the most exciting around. We've visited a few times and haven’t come across a dish we didn’t like, but a must order is their signature cod chip. Read our once over here.

One Pico, Dublin 2

We’re big believers in the age-old Irish proverb, ‘sure f*ck it, it’s Christmas’, and like to live by this until at least January 10th. If you’re like us and want to keep the festive gluttony going, One Pico is the place for you. While it’s always been a ‘special occasion’ spot, when we visited recently we thought the food was the best it's ever been. It's the perfect place for a long, languid lunch in the city, and to keep the party spirit going when they reopen on the 28th.

Nightmarket, Ranelagh

By now you’ll likely have had a couple of Christmas dinners and countless leftover sandwiches, so you’ll be wanting a bit of a change – enter Nightmarket in Ranelagh. The food in this vibrant, Thai restaurant is consistently great – always fresh, always spicy, and never boring, and they're re-opening on December 29th and running into the New Year.

Pichet, Dublin 2

What better way to reward yourself after a day trawling the Christmas sales than heading into Pichet for lunch or an early dinner. It's been a mainstay of Dublin dining for years but it got a new lease of life in 2020 with the arrival of Harry Quinn as head chef. With a number of Irish institutions under his belt including Chapter One and Clanbrassil House, as well as multiple impressive kitchens in London, he's revamped the menu and we’re impressed. They're re-opening on December 28th after a very short break, so on the off chance you don’t spend all your pocket money in the shops, make a beeline here.