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Where To Eat In Dublin When You Don't Have A Reservation

When we think back to our younger, care-free, 2019 selves, one thing (other than the obvious) has changed - our ability to make spontaneous dinner plans. We’ve been through 8pm closures, restaurant meal kits, even nibbled on a compulsory €9 toastie in order to enjoy a long-awaited beverage in public, and with pent-up demand meaning the first half of 2022 was spent desperately seeking any free table, it’s no wonder its taking a while to shake off the meticulous pre-planning mindset. If you're also missing the ability to head out for a quality meal without the fuss of pre-booking weeks in advance, these 20 places are perfect for a walk in...

Frank's, Camden Street

Sip on an extensive selection of natural wines by the bottle or glass and perch yourself on one of the signature green barrels at Frank’s on Camden Street. They've got a rotating menu of fresh and exciting small plates from chef David Bradshaw, like potato bread with sour cream, roe and chives, and Hegarty's cheddar crumpets with wild garlic, and are “walk-in only”. We recommend sharing some outside while basking in the evening sun, and don’t skip on the charcuterie.

Nomo Ramen, Charlotte Way

No bookings are needed at Nomo Ramen, which is good to know when that need for a Hirata bun hits. Order yourself some of the best ramen in the city with a side of mushroom karaage and wash it all down with a few Asahis – they now have it on tap. And if anyone says you can’t have a big bowl of comfort food in summer, you sent them our way. Read our once over here.

777, George's Street

777 are walk-in only for bookings under six people. Check out their contemporary twist on Mexican food along with their very popular margaritas, and if you pop in on Sundays you can save yourself a few quid with selected dishes and drinks €7.77. Bargains and Margs, what's not to like.

Masa, Drury Street

Sticking with Mexican, Masa on Drury Street is also walk-in friendly. With a newly kitted out interior, grab a stool inside or sit at one of their window tables (half in, half out) and enjoy fish tacos, tortilla chips with a range of salsas and frozen margaritas.

The Seafood Café, Temple Bar

Niall Sabongi’s idea of “super fresh seafood in a relaxed atmosphere, where people can get their fish on” is a simple concept which delivers on quality. They only offer a small part of The Seafood Café up for reservations, so walk-ins are encouraged. Don’t miss their oyster happy hour daily from 16:00 - 17:00, with naked oysters €2 and topped/torched ones €3.

Loose Canon, Drury Street

Sometimes you just want a simple summer dinner of wine and cheese, or cheese toasties, or small plates and cheese, and Loose Canon ticks all the boxes. We love “The Classic” toastie with Hegarty’s cheddar, 18 month aged Coolea, homemade bechamel and scallions, toasted to perfection on Le Levain Sourdough bread. Walk on in and have it paired with a top natural wine.

Chimac, Aungier Street

Chimac needs no introduction at this stage - casual dining at its finest, pairing Korean fired chicken with Irish craft beer. We can’t fault their burgers - our current favourite is the “Good Good” with twice fried free range chicken; ssamjang and cheddar cheese sauce; honey and jalapeno relish; and habanero mayo served in a potato bun with house pickles. If you're looking for a non-burger option, try the Chimac poutine - twice fried handcut chips; Szechuan spice mix; adobo gravy; ssamjang cheese sauce; siracha candied bacon; free range chicken 'nugs' and spring onion.

Cornucopia, Wicklow Street

A vegan restaurant your non-vegan friends will also enjoy, Cornucopia specialises in hearty, plant-based dishes that don’t lack in flavour. Their 'main course and two salads' deal is an absolute steal for the sheer amount of food you get. Choose from favourites including veggie lasagne and moussaka, and pile up a plate with their potato salad and slaws, then grab a seat in the cosy upstai