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Where To Eat In London


Caravan, Bankside & Other Locations

Caravan, with six sites now across London, never seems to falter when it comes to breakfast and brunch, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a menu that involves so much difficultly in deciding what to order We've always loved the jalapeno cornbread with fried eggs, but on this visit the kimchi pancake with one of the best bacon chops we've ever tasted was in a tie for favourite plate.

Their sweet dishes are just as interesting and bursting with flavour - case in point, the vanilla pancakes with lemon curd cream cheese, bay leaf and lemongrass poached pear, and pumpkin seed and sumac praline. Opened by three New Zealanders in 2010, it's relaxed, spacious and eternally consistent.

Eataly, Bishopsgate

Giant foot Italian food hall Eataly opened next to Liverpool Street station in April 2021, after being originally founded in Alba, Italy in 2010. It opens from 07:00 - 23:00 on weekdays (from 09:00 on weekends), and has an impressive café and patisserie on the ground floor, with fresh pasta, pizza and bread counters further back. To get from one to the other you'll walk through the tunnel like "sweet spot", featuring every Italian chocolate and sweet you could dream up.

In the café we loved the apricot croissants, clearly made in house with plenty of butter and the delicate mandarina cake. We really wanted an excuse to dive into the jars of rhum baba but it was early. Coffee (from Illy) was not good, and the cannoli would have been better if they were filled on the spot, but it's a bright, central breakfast spot with loads of options to choose from. Pizza slices were crisp and generous too, but pricy at almost £10 a slice.

Eataly stocks over 5,000 Italian food products and 2,000 wines over 4,000 square metres and two floors, including mozzarella made in house, fruit and vegetables from high end suppliers to the restaurant stars Natoora, and pasta shapes you've probably never seen or even heard of. It's hard to imagine anything Italian they won't have in here.


Jolene, Shoreditch

Sweet little corner bakery Jolene morphed out of the original bakery and restaurant in Stoke Newington, and it's been a runaway success in Shoreditch with regular queues snaking down the street and a scramble for the limited bench seating outside. Get there post 11:00 and prepare to see the place all but ransacked. Expect Pain Suisse, filled focaccia and daily specials, and just grab whatever you can.