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Where To Eat On Your Holidays In Connemara

With the recent stories of five-hour waits to get through to the COVID travel cert helpline, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the world and its mother have opted to escape the unpredictable Irish weather and (let’s face it) often overpriced staycations for sunnier climes. However, on a recent visit to Connemara it seemed to be the opposite story entirely – restaurants and pubs were packed with Irish holidaymakers, and these days there's no shortage of places to get a great feed in the wild, wild West.

Dublin has seen an exodus of chefs and hospitality staff over the last year, and we’re pretty sure we know where they’ve disappeared to. There are loads of interesting, recent additions to the area, with a new shipping container/horsebox/caravan making an appearance on our Instagram feeds each week, and we're loving the impact on the Irish food scene. Here's where to make a beeline for next time you're in Connemara…

Galway City To Roundstone

Ard Bia @ Nimmos

Ard Bia At Nimmos is somewhere we go back to again and again, and it’s easy to see why it’s a hit with tourists and locals alike – no matter the time of day, it’s welcoming and cosy with excellent food and drinks. They're currently open for breakfast and lunch (dinner is on hold for the time being) but their weekend brunch is one of the few that we rate in the city – they recently posted a black pudding hash which we haven’t been able to stop thinking about since.

The Dough Bros

While their DIY Kits were a godsend during the lockdowns, The Dough Bros is one place we can’t wait to get back into in person. Guaranteed great pizza and always a brilliant buzz, the ‘bros’ behind this venture always have interesting collaborations on the go. They’re just doing takeaway for the moment so grab a pizza and a ‘Dough Brews’ IPA and perch yourself by the Corrib to enjoy.

Wa Café

For a sushi takeaway on the go to rival any in the country, head for Wa Café. Head chef and owner Yoshimi Hayakawa attracts people from across the country for her sushi platters, rice bowls and gyoza. Desserts are way more than an afterthought too.

Marmalade Bakery is the place to stop for sourdough, cinnamon buns and sausage rolls. You'll also find cookies, muffins and topped potato farls. If you're staying in self-catering accommodation stock up and treat yourself to the breakfast of Kings the next morning - a few mins in a hot oven will do wonders to revive your haul.

Coffee Werk + Press is where you want to stop for a caffeine refuel. They have a few tables outside if it's dry and it's a lovely space to have a browse around, and to stock up on ground or wholebean coffee for your trip.