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Where To Get Cocktails In A Lockdown - Updated

As much as we’ve loved seeing Eric, our trusty DPD driver, three times a day for the past six months, there are some knocks at the door that get us more excited, than others and the promise of alcohol is definitely one of those. Here’s our updated list of where to get cocktails in Dublin, most of them with delivery options, because staying in-in is never going to be the new going out-out, but at least there’s alcohol.

Dublin Cocktail Lab

Remember that feeling of being in a cocktail bar and the seemingly endless possibilities awaiting you in the leather-bound cocktail menu placed in your hands? We miss it too, so had raised eyebrows when. Dublin Cocktail Lab caught our eye with their unusual and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Cocktails like Miso Grapefruit Bloody Marys and Rose Coconut Spritz are available for nationwide delivery, and the site also has loads of lovely add-ons like kombucha, pickle juice, and a hot whiskey syrup that sounds like it would go with pretty much anything. It's €5 for delivery and you can order on their website.

Farrier and Draper

As much as we’d love nothing more than to be sitting in a bar in Dublin 2, we’re settling for our sofas. Available for click and collection and delivery via Deliveroo, Farrier and Draper has a really big selection, including a Spice Bag Margarita. Might need a few lemon mojitos before we’re brave enough for that one. They also have a vegan range (aren't most cocktails vegan?) including this dairy-free pina colada. Order here.

Craft Cocktails

If you’ve kept an eye on our Insta stories over the past few months, you know that we’ve been working our way through lots of lovely drinks from Craft Cocktails. From the team at Bar 1661, these drinks pack a serious punch, and the really cute packaging means they’ve been one of our go-tos for sending a little pick-me-up to friends. Delivery is nationwide through but we’ve also spotted them in Baggot Street Wines and Neighbourhood Wine.

Catch Events

After a brief hiatus, Catch Events are back with their Quarantini boxes, and we were very relieved to hear it. Kits contain all you need to make four vibrant cocktails, plus you can add on a heap of extras if you’re feeling extra extra.

Be warned, kits tend to get snapped up once they go up on so don't delay getting our order in.

Vintage Cocktail Club

Another thing we miss is getting dressed-up and going out. Now, we’re not saying everyone has turned into a slob overnight, but we haven’t seen a pair of heels in almost a year, and lipstick is pretty much a distant memory. If you have a special occasion to celebrate at home, the cocktail kits from Vintage Cocktail Club is certainly a way to inject some instant glam into your evening and are available on Deliveroo. Order here.

Fourth Corner

We’re sick of winter and need some sunshine. We’re not getting it naturally, we can’t fly anywhere to find it, but we can get little glasses of sunshine delivered right to our homes from The Fourth Corner so it’s ok. Plus, where else in Dublin are you going to get a Mule inspired by actor Paul Mescal? The Mescal Mule, naturally... Order here.

Hang Dai

Hang Dai has been one of our to-go takeaways over the past year, and we would seriously recommend adding one of their cocktails to your order of sesame toast with yuzu mayo. As we’ve come to expect from the loud and lively Chinese restaurant, the cocktails pack serious flavour, often using Asian ingredients like yuzu and Szechuan peppercorns. Bottles of pre-mixed cocktails can be added on to click and collect orders, or delivered via Just Eat or Deliveroo. Order here.

Mulberry Garden

Mulberry Garden is doing a weekly home meal kit that’s available for collection or Dublin delivery every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Best thing is you can add on cocktails including their take on a Margarita or The Mulberry Old Fashioned which is laced with mulberry puree. Order here.

Drop Dead Twice

Drop Dead Twice on Francis Street has takeaway cocktails available for collection and delivery on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. In addition to American diner classics, they also have a Netflix and Chill range with cocktail and dessert options. Or, if you want to be really efficient, you can combine your alcohol and sugar intake for maximum dopamine surge in the form of a 'hard shake'. Order for collection or delivery here.

The Blind Pig

It feels kind of fitting that The Blind Pig, a speakeasy and prohibition era-inspired bar on Suffolk Street, gets the opportunity to do some bootlegging through home delivery. The cocktail menu is extensive and features extras like bar snacks and syrups for your home bar. They’re also doing a full menu for pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. Check out their website for details.

Dillinger’s, 777, The Butcher Grill

Frozen margaritas from 777 helped get us through the summer, and sister restaurants Dillinger’s and The Butcher Grill are also offering lots of delightful-sounding cocktails for collection and delivery to certain parts of Dublin, like the 'Easy Tiger' with pecan-infused Bulleit bourbon, maple syrup, disaronno and bitters. See each restaurant’s website for details.


The little bottles of Espresso Martini from Wigwam that graced pretty much every Dubliner’s timeline at some stage during the summer seem to be on hiatus for now, but you can still order Moscow Mules, Dark and Stormys, and Cuba Libres. In addition to click and collect, there’s local delivery (within 2kms) on Fridays and Saturdays, but Just Eat and Deliveroo give more opportunities for you to get deliveries from Thursday to Sunday. See all the details on their website.


A popular spot for pre-pandemic group outings (remember those?), Krewe on Capel Street is now doing a full menu click and collect and delivery so you can get their extensive range of cocktails right to your door. Sizes start at single serve and go to mega portions - no judgement here. All the info is on their website.

The Washerwoman of Glasnevin

If you’re on the Northside and in need of a Cosmo or gin cooler (and we’ve never had a time when we didn’t need one of those), The Washerwoman in Glasnevin have them, and lots of others, available for collection. Check out their menus and order here.


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