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Where To Get Cocktails In A Lockdown - Updated

As much as we’ve loved seeing Eric, our trusty DPD driver, three times a day for the past six months, there are some knocks at the door that get us more excited, than others and the promise of alcohol is definitely one of those. Here’s our updated list of where to get cocktails in Dublin, lots of them with delivery options, because staying in-in is never going to be the new going out-out, but at least there’s alcohol.

Hen’s Teeth Store

The Mr. Freeze and Slush Puppies of our youth have had an adult upgrade thanks to Hen's Teeth Store. Wavey Ice, basically boozy ice pops, are in the freezer, and they’re pouring cherry sake slushies for when you’re wandering around town in the sun. Want.

The Shelbourne

The Shelbourne’s afternoon tea at home has been splashed across many an Instagram story over the past few months, but their cocktail offering has been kept a bit quieter, and it's one to seek out. At €20 for two serves with garnishes we think they're pretty decent value, and for the full bar experience, €60 will get you two bottles of cocktails, olives, almonds and sea salt cashew nuts. We love their Pomegranate Zombie with aged rum, Appleton Estate rum, PAMA pomegranate liqueur, Cointreau, Orgeat, pomegranate juice and lemon, but it's The Shelbourne, they're all good. Available for collection or delivery (€10 if you're within 10k of the hotel) seven days a week. More details here.

Fade Street Social

Fade Street Social’s At Home offering is pretty substantial with food, desserts, wine, beers, and cocktails. There’s lots to choose from like a tangy blood orange fizz, rhubarb tart, their special sangria, and this rather lovely looking pineapple whiskey. Available for collection and delivery Friday and Saturday. Order here.

Charlotte Quay/Coppinger Row

Sisters Charlotte Quay and Coppinger Row include cocktails in their Deliveroo offering so you can get an Aperol negroni, raspberry fizz, Havana docks and others right to your door. We can almost smell the sunshine.

The Well

Click and collect from The Well now includes cocktails. Their twisted classics box gives you a cocktail like a daiquiri, margarita or whiskey sour as well as syrups so you can experiment with flavours, or go for the selection box to keep all the adults in the house happy. They also had a recent limited release of frozen cocktail pouches to take away that we really hope become a permanent feature. Available for collection Thursday - Saturday or for free delivery on Saturday. Order here.