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Where To Go When You’re Not Drinking

The low/no alcohol life is swiftly becoming not just a January thing but a movement that’s gaining serious traction on social media (hashtag sobertok). Popular with the Gen Z-ers - it’s finally becoming less taboo to ditch the booze, without being asked if you're pregnant/driving/in recovery. Thankfully there's an increasing amount of spots in Dublin that are embracing the sober buzz with really good alcohol-free options - be gone concentrated fruit juice medley "mocktails" that cater only towards a child's palette for €9 a pop...

Board, Dublin 8

The newest completely booze free bar to grace our fair city is Board - a board game café-slash-bar. Their mocktail list is very impressive, featuring house made cordials and premium non alcoholic "spirits" from Lyre, Three Spirit and Siegfried. Not to mention they have one of the largest selection of non alcoholic beers in the city, and they're outwardly child and dog friendly - hop to it!

Bar 1661, Dublin 1

Swiftly moving from a completely non alcoholic bar to a very alcoholic bar, Bar 1661 shake up some of the best cocktails around, so you know you’re in good hands when it comes to perfectly made mocktails. We like the look of the Birdie, with green tea, peppermint, rhubarb, plum and bitters, and you won't miss the booze with drinks this good.

Bull and Castle, Dublin 2

FXB’s Bull and Castle location near Christchurch has non drinkers surprisingly well covered. Zero proof wines by the glass to pair with their (world famous if you don't mind) steaks, along with a dedicated non-alcoholic cocktail list that actually looks good - we're talking smoked old fashioneds made with cherry wood smoke and a 0.0 Guinness reduction, along with salted caramel espresso martinis. No need to feel like you’re missing out here when you’ve ditched the hooch.

The Old Spot, Dublin 4

The Old Spot is a sober friendly spot. With one of the most varied selections on this list, they have red and whites by the bottle, a nice selection of beers, and a whole non-alcoholic cocktail list, as well as low abv cocktails. Lots of options for those who want to dial things back, or skip the hangover altogether.

The Shelbourne, Dublin 2

Probably not on most people's N/A radar, The Shelbourne is the ideal place for those off the grog. They've recently partnered up with Lucky Saint - a non alcoholic craft beer brand who are passionate about 0% beer that actually tastes good. So passionate that they've stuck to the traditional brewing methods, and operate out of a 400-year old Bavarian brewery. It's not just beer to be had at this boujie Stephen's Green hotel, they also have N/A wines and a full cocktail menu taking advantage of Lyre's non-alcoholic spirits. This ain't a January thing either, the Shelbourne are keeping them on year round.

D'Olier Street, Dublin 2

In one of the finest tasting menu restaurants in the city, you won't have to sacrifice the full dining experience if you've cut out the booze. As part of their twelve course tasting menu, D'Olier Street offer a full non alcoholic cocktail pairing to complement each course. What a time to be alive.

Astopia, Dublin 2

Stay dry by going to Ireland's premiere cyberpunk Asian fusion mocktail bar - Astopia on Aungier street. Their exciting mocktail list features interesting elements from a frozen blooming flower, to a cheesy cream foam. Go for the menu descriptions of the mocktails alone, you won't regret it. Read our two minute review here.

Shouk, Dublin 9

Shouk's aura reads wholesome. Their menu is packed full of vibrant dishes heavy on the veggies, and you can expect the same vibe when it comes to their drinks. For those off the sauce, they have a sophisticated selection of freshly squeezed juices (we love the green apple, carrot, and ginger), virgin cocktails, homemade mint lemonade, and a decent selection of gazoz - that's fruit flavoured sparkling water to you.

Did we miss somewhere with a great non-alcoholic drinks selection? Let us know by emailing


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