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Where To Order An Extravagant Easter Egg From

2021 is a sly one. While you might think 2020 version 2.0 has been trundling along aimlessly without a care in the world, the truth is it’s been masking a dark, or maybe milk, secret. With all of this extra money some people have apparently been amassing in their bank accounts, premium Easter eggs are in high demand, and you'll want to get on it now to be guaranteed a happy Easter this year.

Gone are the days where a Cadbury’s egg in a colourful mug would cut it, this year it’s all about high cocoa solids and having an egg that is truly Insta-worthy because, let’s face it, not much else in your life is worth documenting right now.

Skelligs Chocolate

Remember that dream we all had as kids of biting into an Easter egg and realising it was solid? Those dreams are a 2021 reality thanks to Skelligs Chocolate. They have solid eggs with a range of fillings from Teelings whiskey crème, mint, salted caramel, strawberry champagne, honeycomb with marshmallow, and hazelnut praline, from €20 - €35. Also, and you might want to take a moment to let this sink in, some of their eggs are available in 1kg. Hollow eggs and hampers are also available from the website for Ireland-wide delivery. And just to sweeten the deal, they’re also making a donation to Heroes Aid for every Easter Egg sold. (Update: we found a solid Skelligs salted caramel egg. We ate some. It even better than in our chocolate fantasies...)

Praline Chocolatiers

There’s premium and then there’s a €50 chocolate egg, but this one didn’t catch our eye solely because of the price tag. Based in Athlone, Praline Chocolatiers is a new venture from pastry chefs Georgia Quealy and Daniel Linehan, and the triple-layered Crunchy Praline Easter egg looks like a pretty serious first-outing. Two different types of chocolate (64% sustainable dark chocolate and Valhrona’s 35% Azelia) surround a layer of homemade crunchy praline. Inside you’ll find 68% single-origin truffles. Definitely one for the most serious of chocolate-lovers. Pre-orders are currently open on their website, but as eggs are too delicate for delivery, collection points will be arranged in Athlone and Dublin.

Lorge Chocolatier

Chocolate eggs, bunnies, and even chickens are available from Lorge Chocolatier. For a serious dose of the good stuff, the large egg (€38.70) packed with 20 chocolates weighs in at an impressive 800g, so even if you crack in to it as soon as it arrives, you’ll still have plenty left on Easter Sunday. Details are here.

Arcane Chocolate

As you’d expect from Arcane Chocolate, their Easter collection combines the quirky with the delicious, with eggs to suit every taste and budget, ranging from €16.50 right up to €750 - yes your eyes have not deceived you. The one-of-a-kind carved, moulded and hand-painted chocolate whiskey barrel weighs over 5kg so we can’t imagine that more than one will be needed, for your whole town. If your wallet (or appetite) won’t stretch to that, there are lots of other options incorporating fruits, nuts and gold leaf, natch. Items are available for collection from Mulhuddart, with some eggs available for delivery across Dublin and in Bray. Details are on the website.