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10 Great Things To Eat In Dublin Under €10

As you may know by now, at ATF we're partial to a little splurge. We can get easily carried away when we find that special something that hits a bit different, and often end up with less in our wallets at the end of the month than we had planned for due to that extra pastry (or five) that we definitely did not need but absolutely don't regret. Because of this we've also become adept at pouncing on a good old fashioned bargain when we spot one, so behold 10 great things to eat in Dublin for under €10.

Think of this as something to have up your sleeve when you're stuck for cash but need a treat. It may also serve as a map of that bumpy middle ground between you and that miserly mate you've remained friends with over the years, despite many a heated debate about the pleasures of dining high on the hog. Tenners at the ready!

1) Spaghetti Al Limone, Fasta - €9

An unassuming location, nestled neatly in the basement of Connolly train station, Fasta is fast pasta made fresh and served simple. The majority of the menu is under €10 but we have a particular soft spot for the Al Limone, with spaghetti in a sauce infused with lemon zest, a hint of nutmeg and finished with fresh parsley and pecorino cheese.

2) Lanzhou Hand-Pulled Noodles, Lee's Charming Noodles - €9.20

Lee's Charming Noodles have a somewhat legendary Instagram account, featuring everything from weekly pop quizzes on what various Chinese symbols mean, to videos of Shrek dancing on the roof (superimposed - Shrek wasn't actually on Parnell Street). The small team is indeed charming, and it's a great place to pop into for a warm welcome and a spicy dinner. The hand pulled noodles (available in six different thicknesses) with clear beef broth are perfect for a rainy afternoon - silky, umami and hot if you add the homemade chilli oil. €9.20 very well spent.

3) Pecorino Pizza Portofoglia, Southpaw - €9.90

We've quickly become big fans of Southpaw's folded pizza, and it's €9.90 we're happy to part with on the go. The dough is perfectly puffy, and the toppings (or fillings) beautifully judged. The 'Pecorino Portafoglio' is topped with crushed tomatoes and folded and finished with Pecorino Romano, Oliveiri's extra virgin olive oil and Achill Island sea salt. They're also open until 22:00 so it's a perfect pitstop for a late evening bite.

4) Double Smash Chipotle Cheeseburger, Dash - €9.95

A small independent smash burger joint inspired by the legendary 'Burger Scholar' George Motz, Dash Burger's pattys are made from aged Irish beef sourced by Pat McLoughlin Butchers, and they are ultra juicy and bursting with flavour. The double smash Chipotle cheeseburger is smoky, a little spicy and oh-so-cheesy - in other words, a very tasty burger. You can also take away rather than sitting in to save yourself the glutinous temptation of tripling your patty which would send you marginally over your €10 budget.

5) Tenner Tuesdays, Salt & Vinegar - €10

Salt & Vinegar opened its doors in January and was a very welcome addition to the neighbourhood. It's worth a spin out to Rathfarnham Village for their tenner Tuesdays where, save for the scampi, every main costs just €10. We're partial to a fish finger butty but the real bargain here is the fish and chips, battered and cooked to order. The winning formula: fresh ingredients, a simple menu and traditional techniques.