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14 Places To Get A Drive-Through Coffee In Dublin

The recent weather is just the icing on the cake when it comes to the tyranny that 2021 has brought us so far. It’s beginning to feel a bad remake of Groundhog Day with little to brighten the mood and depressing talk of restaurants being kept closed until early summer. One small ray of light however in this fog of samey days, is the increase in drive-through places to go for decent coffee without having to brave the weather or have a run in with the person behind you who's forgotten that social distancing was ever a thing - although some of these spots will still involve jumping out of the car to order and pay. Sometimes, walks are overrated.

1) Aventura, Portmarnock/Malahide

With an excellent sea-facing location at the car park of Paddy’s Hill in Malahide, and another in the train station car park in Portmarnock, Aventura is perfectly positioned for those travelling by car, with plenty of space to pull up, order and hop back in. Coffee is their own house blend from Koffy in Newry and the treats from Mud Bakery, The Carrot Cake Lady and Medialuna Croissanterie are even more reasons to visit. The sandwiches are top class too.

2) Thru The Green, Windy Arbour

Thru the Green, in Windy Arbour near Dundrum village, is the ideal pit stop for those who want to limit their interaction with the outside world, whether for health reasons or just because of a bad hair day (which most of us are having too many of lately). The coffee on the bar is from Roasted Brown and there are sandwiches and cakes for take away too. One of the owners is Australian so it’s no surprise that last year on Australia Day (January 26th) there were Anzac biscuits and lamingtons on the go which we hope to see repeated this week.

3) Cheeky Rascal Coffee, Howth Junction Industrial Estate

While not primarily a drive through, Cheeky Rascal have been known to serve customers directly through their window if the situation presents itself, but parking nearby is ample anyway. Coffee is the shiringa blend from Blue Butterfly Coffee in Waterford, and this is the only place in town to drink it. Treats are handmade by The Middle Child, and pre and (hopefully) post Covid, they're available as a pop up horsebox bar/cocktail bar for events and parties, when we finally have something to celebrate.

4) The Coffee Kid, Sallynoggin

Another coffee kiosk making use of a lonely parking lot is The Coffee Kid (aka Alex Flynn) in Sallynoggin. Located in the car park of M Kelly Interiors (between Lidl and Woodies) there is tonnes of space to do a park and dash for your daily dose. Coffee is from 8th Corner Coffee in Dun Laoghaire and there are freshly baked vegan cookies, biscotti, fudge and sage and apple sausage rolls to go.

5) Grindstone, Balally Luas

With their own dedicated house blend from 3fe and more Kombucha than you can shake a stick at, Grindstone seems to have it all going on. There are homemade jambons and sausage rolls, teas from Wall & Keogh and salads and sandwiches for lunch. Located at Balally Luas stop, you can pick up your coffee to go while reminiscing about the good old days when you had to trudge in to work in a cramped carriage. Guest roasters are featured monthly with PS Coffee Roasters and Bell Lane just a couple that have made an appearance. If you're walking (or the passenger) they also serve Baileys coffee and hot chocolate to go.