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5 things we want to eat in Dublin this week

From perfect doughnuts to the nachos of dreams, here's what caught our eye this week.

1. All of Meet Me in the Morning's doughnuts

Dublin is in doughnut overload at the moment, but if we wanted one this is where we would go. No sickly toppings or neon pink glaze. These are substance over mountains of unnecessary toppings, and we want all of them.

2. The full whack porridge from The Fat Fox

This whopper bowl of porridge is only €3.50, because the lovely people at The Fat Fox on Camden Row only charge for the toppings. This is like dessert for breakfast, and they use rice milk so it's vegan too.

3. This beautiful update on coddle at The Pig's Ear

Shellfish, grilled leeks, goatsbridge trout caviar and dill oil. In our book the Pig's Ear version beats leftover sausages and bacon any day.

4. The tropical acai bowl from Urbanity

We are on a serious countdown to spring (i.e. marginally less freezing weather), and this tropical acai bowl from Urbanity in Smithfield is making us feel warm inside. Topped with mango, toasted coconut, banana, almond butter and dragon fruit, it's like a holiday in a bowl. And it's served in a coconut.

5. Surf and turf nachos at Dillinger's

What genius in Dillinger's came up with this? Chilli beef nachos topped with crab claws and prawns. Just when we thought nachos couldn't get any better.

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