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Arun Kapil hosts Holi dinner to mark end of Winter

If you're as sick of the cold as we are, you might be interested in celebrating the arrival of Spring with Anglo-Indian chef Arun Kapil, who's hosting a Holi (the Indian festival of colours) dinner at the Radisson Blu Royal on Thursday 1st March. Holi marks the official goodbye to Winter, which we are very excited about.

Food will be served on sharing platters and the menu includes chana masala, quail tikki, parathas, Delhi salad (flaked rice, charred aubergine, roast red onion, preserved lemon, mint and chilli), and one of our favourites, dahl puri chaat (crunchy shells filled with potato, tamarind relish, whipped curd and crispy noodles).

It wouldn't be Holi without a lot of sweets and they're promising 'bad boy gunjiyas' (condensed milk, dried fruit, pistachio and cardamom stuffed, moulded flour, deep fried turnovers - wow, that's a mouthful), black jalebi sugar-glazed gulab swirls with rosewater and pistachio, and blood orange kulfi with garam oat cookie ice-cream & spiced biscuits.

We also like the sound of the Indian drinks on offer, especially the Holi Moli punch of Irish whiskey, lemon juice, jasmine tea, coconut water and spice.

Arun's Holi celebration will take place at the V'n V restaurant at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel on Golden Lane in the city centre on Thursday 1st March, starting at 6:30pm. Tickets are €45 and include food and drinks, as well as an introductory talk from Arun. Paint-throwing is not included and is unlikely to go down well.

You can book by calling the Radisson on 018982934 or emailing

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