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Robin Gill is Cooking in Glovers Alley Next Wednesday

Of all the Irish chefs abroad that we're willing to come home and open a restaurant, Robin Gill is at the top of the list (Kevin Burke, head chef at The Ninth in London, also gets a mention). The South Dublin boy turned good owns three of London's most dynamic restaurants with his wife Sarah - The Dairy, Counter Culture and Sorella, and has another London venture currently in the works, details of which are TBA. He's also known for being very sound.

Robin's been keeping a foot in Ireland for the past few years - he's involved with Airfield Estate and the brilliant Overends Kitchen, and has been appearing at events like Litfest and Taste of Dublin, but we were ultra excited to hear that he's in town next week to cook dishes from his new book 'Larder' at Glovers Alley, with Executive Chef Andy McFadden.

McFadden returned to Dublin at the start of this year after 10 years in London, to open the much hyped Glovers Alley in The Fitzwilliam Hotel, in the site that was formerly Thornton's. Presumably the two knew each other as fellow members of 'The Murphia' in London, and McFadden says he's always enjoyed eating in Gill's restaurants.

The menu for the evening starts with snacks, then Robin's famous charcuterie which he's bringing over from London, accompanied by Glovers Alley's famous bread (parmesan and black olive bun for the win), followed by a starter of beet tartare with radish, mustard and truffle, a fish course, a lamb dish, and ends with a strawberry, raspberry, cream cheese and white chocolate dessert. The four course menu, snacks, petit fours and coffee is €80.

If you've been looking for a reason to visit Glovers Alley, this is as good an opportunity as we can think of, but don't dawdle too long. We fully expect this to be a sell out.

An Evening with Robin Gill & Andy McFadden

Wed 29th August, sittings from 18:30

Glovers Alley, 128 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2

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