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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

There’s something in the air. Actually, you can probably taste it. You know what it is, it’s the inescapable seasonal scent of cinnamon. Not yet prepared to embrace the festive fear of last minute Christmas shopping? Already dreading the lure of the open bar and its subsequent consequences at awkward Christmas work parties? Don’t even like cinnamon? Welcome to peak pre-Christmas!

Anyway please find below 5 dishes that have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas (and none of which include cinnamon). You are welcome.

1. The Beef Kofta 'Bab' at the new Hey Donna on Dame Street Hey Donna has added a second location to Dame Street recently (read about that here), making it a handy central spot for a casual meal, and we have our eye on their new 'Babs', particularly this beef kofta one with blistered bieber long peppers, radish, pickle and pink yoghurt.

2. The Bangers and Mash Pie at Love Supreme The monthly special from Love Supreme is served with onion mash and baked fennel gravy, and is only available from Friday to Sunday. We’re can't decide whether we'd want to get this to take to the Phoenix Park or eat it in their cosy cafe in Stoneybatter... Jokes! It’s cold, stay inside.

3. Fried Eggs on Sourdough with Gubbeen Chorizo and Peanut Rayu at Eathos

Another day, another rayu dish. And are we complaining? Most definitely not. Another thing popping up everywhere is Gubbeen chorizo, and once again we’re not complaining. We'd eat this all day erry day.

4. Dublin Bay Prawn Scampi at The Seafood Cafe

It’s hard to believe The Seafood Cafe has only been around for a year. We could think of worse things than celebrating their birthday with this new addition to the menu - prawn scampi and hand cut fries. That's right Tom Doorley, another place in Dublin making their chips fresh. Who'd have thunk it.

5. The Vegan Gin and Tonic Mess at Token

The vegan offering at Token is one of the best in the city, and if you’re not vegan, you probably just skimmed over this one. But wait, come back! There’s gin! And sugar! We’re an easy sell and this dessert comes with the feel good factor that you’re basically saving the planet.

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