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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

We will soon be leaving the January blues and entering the fangirlisation of seasonal produce. Purple sprouting broccoli, wild garlic and asparagus will be all the rage in the coming months, and the hot produce of the moment is the humble (brag) blood orange. More appealing than a grapefruit (pun intended) and more instagrammable than an orange, we are big fans. Gram at the ready, here are 5 blood orange dishes we’d like to eat this week.

1. Sceal Bakery's Blood Orange Danish

Worth dragging yourself out of bed and trekking across town for one, no one makes pastries quite like Scéal. You can find them at the new Naomh Olaf Farmers Market on Fridays in Stillorgan, as well as at the Stoneybatter Market at Pender’s Yard on Saturdays...double the pastry coverage.

2. Tang’s Blood Orange Fever

Tang has gone so far as to populate multiple dishes on their menu with blood oranges, making sure that you reach your seasonal fruit quota. You can find fresh blood orange on their granola, salad bowls and buckwheat pancakes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted.

3. Blood Orange Choux Buns from Chapter One

Blood orange does fine dining with Chapter One’s next petit four. The choux buns are topped with a blood orange zest cookie and filled with blood orange jam and a barley and buttermilk cream... *looks in wardrobe for fanciest outfit*

4. Gralinn’s Cocoa Custard with Blood Orange Marmalade and Sesame Crunch

A posh jaffa cake in a bowl, this is definitely not like the jar of marmalade you’ve forgotten about in the back of your cupboard. You can find this dessert at MVP where Grálinn are currently doing a residency, and maybe if we're lucky, at their first supper club next week at Elmhurst Cottage Farm.

5. Five Points' Blood Orange Breakfast Bowl

So we may have used Five Points in our last 5 Things We Want To Eat but how could we leave this out of a blood orange round up? The kitchen minds at FP have made their brioche French toast with housemade mint and lemon ricotta, blood orange curd and fresh blood orange, and it's pretty much all we can think about.

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