Where to Eat in Dublin on Sunday Night

Ah Sunday. The day of rest. Or for many of us, the day of eating and drinking everything around you in order to forget that you have to go to work again tomorrow. To add insult to injury, Sunday is notoriously bad for finding somewhere good to eat, as many sensible restaurateurs and chefs shut up shop due to also having families and friends that they like to spend time with, but every week we field desperate instagram messages from people (many of whom are restaurateurs and chefs come to think of it) wandering hopelessly around town not knowing which door to knock on. So consider your problems solved.

1. Grano

Neighbourhood restaurant Grano has dived into our favourite restaurants in Dublin this week (read our full review here), and we're struggling to think of a better end to the week than stuffed artichokes, spicy nduja and guanciale pasta.


2. Mad Egg

Mad Egg have perfected their fried chicken, and the fact that it's Irish and free-range makes us very happy. The Charlotte Way branch is also a perfect stop off on the way to see a movie in The Stella to really round Sunday off in style.


3. Wilde

1930's-style Wilde at The Westbury is a great spot if you're after fine dining, or have someone to impress. Steak and seafood reign supreme, and any excuse to go for a cocktail in The Sidecar works for us.


4. Klaw

Niall Sabongi's Temple Bar seafood shack Klaw is a consistenty dependable place for fresh seafood in the city. He's also been known to get the blow torch out which we imagine is handy for keeping warm on those cold winter nights.


5. The Saddle Room

A few months ago Catherine Cleary called The Saddle Room in The Shelbourne "Dublin's best Sunday-night dining secret" - if that's not testimonial enough nothing is. The room is complete with super swanky golden booths and the menu is big on Irish produce, with different seasonal ingredients championed throughout the year.


6. Old Town Chinese

Authentic Sichuan cooking on Capel Street, where most of the clientele are Chinese. Dumplings are a must, but follow the chef's recommendations if you want the real deal.


7. Peploe's

Peploe's has gotten a new lease of life since chef Graeme Dodril took over the kitchen last year. What was previously seen as a den for business meetings and ladies who lunch, is now being