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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Okay. We’ve made it through the awkward romantic gestures and flurry of Instagrammed steaks and chocolate desserts that was V-day mania. Once you reach that overly comfortable couple stage, eating on Valentine's is like having a second chance at Christmas or your birthday - close your eyes, hope the calories don’t count and eat and drink like it’s not a school night. Back to regular programming and appropriate portions now (who are we kidding), so we’ve picked five snacks that look particularly good this week. ‘Snacks’ have officially overtaken the amuse bouches of the dining scene, much like gravy is the new ‘jus’.

1) Gertrude’s Crispy Egg

Gertrude’s snack menu has been the talk of Instagram since it opened in December - the bacon and cabbage dumplings, the Cooleeney croquettes, and now there's a new one to have us gazing longingly at our phones - crispy egg and fried capers. Gimme.

2) Squid Slider and a glass of Bérêche Champagne from Fish shop

From their snack menu on Benburb Street, Fish Shop is serving squid sliders with garlic aioli - a creation of genius. The glass of grower Champagne isn’t included in the €4.50 price but that’s a serving suggestion we are very much behind.

3) Bastible’s Cheese Doughnuts

Ok, this one was technically last week (please still be on the menu) but does it still count if we’ve been thinking about Bastible's doughnuts ever since? Filled with Gubbeen cheese, fermented celeriac and thyme, this is where the doughnut phase in Dublin should’ve evolved to.

4) Sceal’s Coolea and Kraut Bear-Claw

Pastries count as snacks right? Particularly when paired with fermented food which basically cancels out cheese and pastry, yes? It’s safe to say that any morning that starts with a pastry from Scéal Bakery is going to be a good morning.

5) Fia’s Little Plate of Goats Cheese

This week’s small plate at Fia has some whipped goats cheese, salt baked and pickled beetroot, pesto and hazelnut. Looks as pretty as an Instagram picture.

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