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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

The twitter debate machine was fed new content this week with reports that the government is going to make restaurants display calories counts on menus. In our opinion, it’s a weak attempt to fix an education issue and a whole load of energy wasted in the wrong places. If it does go through, dining culture in Ireland will change, bringing an extreme amount of guilt to eating out, and menus (and food composition) will change accordingly. At this stage, trying to understand how this new system will be properly implemented is akin to attempting to predict the aftermath of Brexit, so while we're still able to enjoy food without calorie counts shoved in our faces, here are 5 desserts we’d like to eat this week. Amen to blissful ignorance...

1) Lemon Meringue Pancakes from Brother Hubbard

It’s that one day of the year where it's socially acceptable (if not expected) to gorge yourself on pancakes, and this year we’re thinking of heading to Brother Hubbard for some of their Morrocan style semolina ‘beghrir’ pancakes with torched meringue and pistachio. So much fancier than the Odlums pancake mix.

2) The Blood Orange Cake from Locks

Ever persuaded by seasonal produce, we've been giving the glad eye to this blood orange cake with almond custard and blood orange ice-cream from Locks. On a scale of 1-10, how acceptable is it to book a table just for dessert?

3) Lemon Cakes from Lilliput Stores

We’re very tempted to stop by Lilliput Stores and pick up one of these dainty lemon well as some olives, cheese, cured meats... Basically all the food.

4) The Snickers Dessert from The Pig’s Ear

The Pig’s Ear have been showing off some new desserts recently on the gram. They’ve always been known for their cheesecake-in-a-jar-in-a-bag, but we’re liking the sounds of their take on a grown up version of a Snickers.

5) Acai from Nutbutter

This colourful classic acai bowl from Nutbutter with banana, blueberries, hemp, granola and honey is just the job to perk you up on one of these rainy mornings, and just by having a quick look at it we'd say it has zero calories. It's basically just fruit. Who needs calories counts!?