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Where To Eat In Dublin When You're Broke

There are days when payday is taunting you, rent is laughing at you and the direct debit payment that you meant to cancel but didn’t cancel and definitely don’t need anymore still surprises you each month. Your bank account ... well let’s not think about that. If you can’t stand the idea of at-home lunch prep, or the urge to eat out is just too strong (we can relate), here’s a list of cheap places to eat that won’t make you weep into your wallet.

1. Sano

Hidden of the end of Dame Street, all of the pizzas in Sano are under a tenner, which is pretty bargainous for good pizza in Dublin. Pizza will also fill the void of your bank account.

2. Masa

Masa on Drury Street offers pretty cheap tacos and assorted Mexican sides. Portions aren’t huge so it works best if you’re sharing with a few mates. You’ll end up well fed with an affordable bill (and maybe a food baby, if you get carried away with ordering).

3. Sisu Izakaya

Sisu Izakaya, which opened late last year, is already making a name for itself for their sushi, and their daily changing lunchtime bento box will only set you back a tenner.

4. Shouk

Our favourite place for Middle Eastern food, the mezze platter in Shouk is pretty massive so you could definitely share between two, making it €7.50 each for a decent feed. And maybe order some sides ... they’re so cheap they don’t count. Read our Shouk once over here.

5. Pang

Pang on Kevin Street is an easy lunch choice for their €6.50 banh mi sandwich - the lemongrass chicken is especially good. Quick, cheap and certifiably inhalable.

6. Aobaba

Get a big bowl of pho for under a tenner on Capel Street and don't even think about feeling bad for not taking sad salad to work again. Read our Aobaba once over here.

7. Takara

Most of the menu in Takara is under a tenner, the ramen is tasty and very satisfying, and we've been told the salmon teppanakyi is the best in town. Gyozas are mandatory.