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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

I think I can see it. It's here! Oh no it's gone again. Oh wait, it's coming back! Uh - no. False alarm. And therein lies the sounds of the Irish summer. So while we all wait impatiently to see whether the ex-Postman's predictions come true, we're focusing on all things bright, in the hope we can lure the summer to us...

1. Irish Trout with Textures of Corn from Nautilus

The very under the radar Nautilus in Malahide are plating and photographing some spectacular looking dishes lately, including this Irish trout with textures of corn, avocado and lime purée and rice crackers. So many colours. That we need in our mouths.

2. The Loaded Batata from Alma

Argentinean café Alma in Portobello are forever brightening up our feeds, this week with their loaded batata - grilled sweet potato topped with Argentine sausage ragu, lime sour cream, green peas, spiced nuts, fresh herbs and organic leaves, with a side of sourdough bread. So fresh. So clean.

3. The Duck Lasagne from Loretta's

Has lasagne ever looked prettier? This housemade version with duck, parmesan sauce and basil from the new menu at Loretta's in Phibsborough is that perfect mix of something that looks semi-summery, but will also warm you up on a wet June evening.

4. The Buffalo Burrata at Crow Street

Because what's better than burrata? Buffalo burrata. And we would happily eat cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus the edible flowers at Crow Street look great on the 'gram.

5. The Tres Leches Cake from The Taphouse

The new "tres leches" dessert at The Taphouse in Ranelagh is so bright it's practically shining. The Mexican three layered cake comes with white chocolate, salted caramel brittle and a pistachio crumb, and if we didn't want to eat it so much we might wear it for a bit of bling.

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