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Bullet Duck & Dumplings Comes To The City

Bullet Duck and Dumplings, a new restaurant specialising in Cantonese roast duck and dim sum has opened on Little Mary Street, with chefs from Hong Kong and mainland China - who are all grandparents. Bullet says that all of their chefs have at least 30 years experience cooking Cantonese food, and their bullet oven that their roast ducks are cooked in has been flown over from China.

The menu features dishes like whole roast duck, roast char siu pork and roast pork ribs, as well as dumplings like har gow, siu mai, and pork and prawn soup wontons. They also serve Chinese soup noodles, and all meat is Irish, with free-range chicken and Silver Hill duck.

Bullet Duck and Dumplings is open now for lunch and dinner seven days a week on Little Mary Street, just down from newly opened Fudo Izakaya and Hacienda Bar.

Bullet Duck and Dumplings

27 Mary Street Little

Mon - Sun 12:00 - 22:00

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