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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

The evenings are starting to feel that little bit shorter (though there’s still time to eek out the last of the summer), supermarkets are hitting us hard with their back to school offers, and a certain Grafton St. department store opened its Christmas shop this week. Grr on all accounts (but especially grr to you, BTs). When life moves fast, you don’t always have time for languishing over long lunches and three course dinners, so we’ve singled out five quick eats that will have you ready to go in no time.

1) The Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich From Mad Yolks

The Barbers, situated between Smithfield and Stonybatter, has always offered more than your usual boozer - it’s dog-friendly and houses a barbershop - and it's also now a temporary home to Mad Yolks, where you can indulge in a a range of egg-based sandwiches like this one with bacon and cheese that has us feeling sunny side up. You can also find them in the Red Stables Market in St. Anne’s park on Saturdays.

2) Halloumi Fries From The Shawarma Company

The new kid on Dame Street, The Shawarma Company, has been catching our eye on Insta with their chicken, beef, and lamb shawarmas, but these halloumi fries are on our eating agenda - we can practically hear them squeak through our screens. Eating fried cheese has never been more acceptable, or convenient.

3) The Canelé From Meet Me In The Morning

Look at this canelé. Look. At. It. Squidgy custard centre, caramelised outer crust, all topped with dulce de leche. We feel like the gang in Meet Me In The Morning have read our greedy little minds with this one.

4) Hangover Pancakes From One Society

Not sure about you, but when we’re hungover we can never decide if we need sweet or savoury with our carbs. Thankfully One Society have removed the need for any independent thought and have put together this mountain of pancakes with ricotta, fried eggs, tabasco, and maple syrup which will have you refreshed and raring to go faster that you can say “pass the Panadol”.

5) The Cinema Dessert From Le Perroquet

Le Perroquet on Leeson Street, the new opening from Nick Munier (formerly of Avenue and Pichet) and Chris Fulham (previously at Old Street and Forest Avenue), opened last week serving French-style small plates, and this dessert. Initially debuting at Old Street when Chris was sous chef there, it seemed to be cemented as his signature after the Michelin guide tweeted about it. It's inspired by a cinema sweet shop and features caramel, chocolate and popcorn to meet all of our sweet and salty needs.