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Flip Brings Vegan Burgers To George's Street Arcade

Flip, a new vegan and vegetarian burger bar from the owners of Blazing Salads, has opened in George's Street Arcade. Father Joe along with daughters Pamela and Lorraine Fitzmaurice, say their burgers have been so popular at festivals, and they've had so many requests from customers for a healthier fast food experience, they felt they had to bring their burgers to the public.

Their burgers, which include black bean and quinoa, millet and sweet potato, and a sweetcorn and feta fritter, are handmade using organic grains, pulses, vegetables and seeds. Fries are hand-cut, mayonnaise is vegan, and the ketchup is sweetened with dates - looking forward to trying that one. They do also have regular cheese if vegan cheese is a step too far for you. The multi-seed buns are organic too, and they say they've come up with a fast food offering that keeps the integrity of their company ethos - using nutritious ingredients.

Blazing Salads first opened in the Powerscourt Centre in the 1980's. The current deli on Drury Street opened in 2000, and twenty years later they're hoping Flip will resonate with "a new generation". Flip is open now and serving from 11:00 - 17:45, Monday - Saturday.


32 George's Street Arcade, Dublin 2

Mon - Sat 11:00 - 17:45

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