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Some Things We Ate This Week

Brunch at Two Pups always feels like you’re very far away from Dublin, in a really good way. French toast with orange and ginger labneh, speculoos crumb, and caramel was very tasty but more on the cakey side due to the thickness of the brioche. Finished off with a slice of very delicate custard tart and a really good flat white - Helen

We popped into new opening Kitchen 85 and loved the Cantonese roast duck with it's crispy skin, properly rendered fat, and accompanying pancakes, plum sauce, spring onion and cucumber. A serious upgrade on your local takeaway - Lisa

Anti-pasto in one of Dublin’s hidden gems - Caffe di Napoli on Westland Row, just next to Pearse Street Station. You might walk in thinking it’s just a cafe, but venture down the staircase at the back and you could be in Naples. We had their excellent antipasto which varies depending on what’s available, but this one had prosciutto, bresaola, mortadella, artichoke hearts, aubergine, and olives - with toasted bread on the side to soak up the last of the olive oil - Lisa

Nutella dumplings at Little Dumpling were not what we thought would end up being their signature dish, but here we are. Our Instagram post on them might be described as having "blown up" and as much as we wanted to hate them we can't, they're dirty delicious. Read our Little Dumpling once over here - Lisa

Midweek dinner in The Pigeon House in Clontarf, a lovely neighbour restaurant with a beautiful interior, started off with a croquette that was bursting with meaty, sticky duck. It was served with pear and a beetroot ketchup that lightened everything up perfectly - Helen

How better to end a walk along Clontarf's wooden bridge than with a coffee and a cookie at Happy Out. Even better is when it's a Camerino, crispy, buttery, chocolate chip cookie - Lisa

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