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The Breakfast Roll Is Back And It's Better

If there was a food that was symbolic of the Celtic Tiger era it was the lowly breakfast roll, synonymous with the building boom. Convenience stores and delis across the city saw queues of sturdy construction workers eager to get their hands on the fat-filled Irish delicacy, which earned its place alongside the chicken fillet roll in Irish food folklore before being relegated to the history books along with the bulging property supplement of the Indo. It still exists, but its popularity dwindled significantly as Dublin became ever more cosmopolitan a city, but recently we're seeing something of a breakfast roll revival. Here are a few of our upgraded favourites.

The Breakfast Naan At Bread 41

A homage to the breakfast naan made famous by London’s Dishoom chain, Bread 41’s breakfast naan offers soakage that's in a league of its own. Cooked to order in their wood fired oven, it takes everything good about the breakfast roll and makes it around 100 times better.

The Breakfast Roll At Gertrude

One for the old school breakfast roll lovers, the team at Gertrude have kept it simple with a crunchy baguette filled with smashed black pudding, bacon, sausage, fried eggs and shakshuka ketchup. Apart from the upgraded baguette, the pimped up ketchup and the infinitely better meat quality, this is as close to the original as we've found, and yet so much posher.

The Encinitas Breakfast Burrito At The Revolution, Rathgar

If the bottomless mimosas are not enough to draw you to Rathgar for brunch then perhaps the breakfast burrito from The Revolution will do the trick. Sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, spiced potato cubes, mozzarella & avocado are wrapped in a warm tortilla and loaded with jalapeno salsa - Mexican vibes with Irish inspiration.

The Breakfast Blaa At The Commons At Moli

One for the more cultured among us, the breakfast blaa at The Commons at MoLI goes back to our (Waterford) roots with a fried free-range egg, sausage, bacon, and home-made brown sauce in a fluffy Blaa. Take a walk around the Museum of Literature afterwards - we're offering a prize to the person who finds the earliest historical mention of the breakfast roll.

The Brunch Burger At Bang Bang

The now legendary brunch burger from Bang Bang in Phibsboro makes the list because although it's called a burger, it is in fact more of a cylindrical breakfast roll. With black pudding, sausages, rashers and a fried egg, topped with cheese, lettuce, mayo and Bang Bang's homemade relish, if this won't cure a hangover nothing will.