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The Ramen Kitchen Is Closing

The Ramen Kitchen in Stoneybatter is closing, just under a year after it opened on Manor Street last March. The (unsurprisingly) ramen focused restaurant had suffered from mixed reviews over its short lifetime, with Catherine Cleary in the Irish Times calling the gyoza "anaemic" and the ramen broth "dull", scoring it 5/10. Lucinda O'Sullivan in the Sunday Independent however loved it, calling it "a very enjoyable experience". They never managed to attract any other critics.

In an Instagram post the team said that "maintaining our rather large menu has brought its challenges", and that they're going to take the restaurant in a new direction, that won't feature ramen. The Ramen Kitchen will close at the end of next week, and a new restaurant will reopen in its place over the coming months. Watch this space.

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