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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Around this time of the year, we notice a bit of a shift in what’s cropping up on our Instagram feed. While January brings a timeline of salads and vegan food, February tends to be the month when good intentions are shrugged-off, and those heading out between storms are in search of comfort, warmth, and meat. While beef seems to get the most scroll-time, this week we've been seeing a lot of pork dishes that look like they'd make any little piggy feel all warm inside. Here's the five we most want to eat.

1) 'Nduja From Grano

‘Nduja, the highly spiced and spreadable pork salume has made its way onto countless pizza and pasta menus across Dublin in recent months, but this OG version from Grano served over a flame to keep it warm, oily, and pliable enough to smear on to toasted bread, gives the ‘nduja top billing. Just show some restraint with the knife until you have a very high tolerance for spice.

2) The Pork Belly Benedict From Fowl Play

Launching this Saturday 29th, Fowl Play has posted some previews of their new brunch menu which includes this monolith of meat under poached eggs and hollandaise, and we’re now counting down the days until we can get our greedy little hands on it. Located inside The Square Ball bar on Hogan Place in Dublin 2, they'll also be launching a bottomless brunch option with a brunch dish and two hours of cocktails and board games for €30 per person. Alcohol and board games - we predict more family arguments and tongue-biting than in the wardrobe section of Ikea, but with vastly improved food options.

3) The Pork Bianco Bolognese From San Lorenzo

Is there anything more comforting than pasta? How about pasta with minced pork, white truffle oil, and parmesan. On special in San Lorenzo’s this week, it looks like the food-equivalent of a hug from your bestie.

4) Pork Skin From Hang Dai

If you like roast pork, you know that one of the best bits is the crackling - the layer of fatty pork skin that’s crisped up from intense heat. Hang Dai has taken out the middle-man here with crunchy strips of pork skin fried to a crisp, and served with tangy Velvet Cloud sheep’s milk yogurt for dipping.

5) Sausage Ragu From Riba

Riba make their own pasta and this dish of pork sausage ragu covered with a blanket of buffalo mozzarella features silky ribbons of homemade pappardelle. It looks like optimum comfort food for a day when you need to forget you’re in dreary, rainy Dublin. Add a glass of Sangiovese and you could pretend you’re in Sardinia instead of Stillorgan.

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