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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

The weather seem to be changing faster than a Kardashian’s husband, and we’re slowly coming to terms with the fact that the hope we were holding out for a decent summer is slipping through our grubby (but beautifully sanitised) little hands. BUT here are 5 things we want to eat in Dublin this week that will make you feel happy, whatever the weather.

1) Japanese Soufflé Pancakes from Kakilang

In case you’ve forgotten, jiggly things are better than non-jiggly things - we refuse to believe that this could even be an argument. For the ultimate in jiggle, we need Kakilang’s Japanese soufflé pancakes, made with beaten egg whites to create a fluffy texture. While we’re warned that there is a 30 – 45 minute waiting time, we think it would be totally worth it. Available with fruit and cheese foam (relax, it’s a sweet cream cheese foam, with a slightly cheesecakey taste) or bacon and maple syrup. Bring a friend and order both.

2) Deep Fried Croissant from Brasserie Sixty6

Some people may look at a vanilla custard-stuffed croissant that's been deep fried and ask "why?" but we ask "why not?" and also "can we have another one please?" It’s rare that we feature a restaurant in two consecutive 5 Things We Want to Eat This Week but there was no way we were letting this one from Brasserie Sixty6 slip past without letting you know about it.

3) Lamb Kebab from Ananda

Ananda in Dundrum has done a bit of Cinderella-esque magic on the humble lamb kebab, elevating it from Ugly Sister to Insta-worthy Princess. This hand-pounded kebab with lamb shank, stuffed sweet pepper, parsnip and apple and raisin slaw is served on a pool of lovage pesto. Bippity-boppity-beautiful.

4) Seafood Udon From Musashi

Lightly spiced salmon, tuna, prawns and squid in a 14 hour broth isn't what we thought we'd be craving mid-August but here we are, and we're just going to go with it. Find it at Musashi.

5) Earl Grey and Lemon Scone from Old Street

Look outside, it’s cardigan weather. You know what that means - cardigans obviously, but also scones. Fruit, brown, cheese, chocolate; we love them all, and this Earl Grey and candied lemon version from Old Street will definitely ease you gently into the colder days.


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