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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

It's a wicked week out there, but if you can bear to leave the house, here are five things we think will bring you added cheer, on IWD, Taco Thursday, and focaccia Friday (it's a thing okay)...

1) IWD Cookies From Bakeology

Liberties-based Argentinean bakery Bakeology are being uber cute today by giving out these wonder women cookies for International Women's Day. Only for the girls obvs, and you'll want to stock up on all the alfajores while you're there.

2) Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate Cookies From The Morning

In other cookie news, we're almost sorry to show you these sea salt and dark chocolate ones from The Morning, because like us you'll probably spend a good portion of the week thinking about little else.

3) Freshly-Made Focaccia From Toonsbridge

Toonsbridge are cranking out their homemade focaccias in George's Street and Serpentine Avenue, and one of our all time favourite dinners is a slab of this, a load of antipasti and dips (their basil feta is non-negotiable) and all the cheese.

4) El Milagro Tacos At Love Supreme

We went cuckoo for El Milagro's tacos when we first tried them, and now Dublin 7 residents are getting a chance as they're popping up in Love Supreme each Thursday in March. Beef birria FTW.

5) Côte de Boeuf To Share At The Butcher Grill

It's hard not to feel ill at the rising menu prices around town, wondering how we're going to sustain our eating habits of yore, and one thing that's been creeping up is the sharing côte de boeuf - we saw one for €85 last week. So we were pleasantly surprised to see that The Butcher Grill are serving theirs with smoky beans and onion rings for the relative bargain of €55. Next steak trip sorted.


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