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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

There was a definite lack of the Sunday Scaries at ATF this week, possibly due to that glorious sunshine at the weekend and the seasonal affective disorder lifting, or maybe it's because of the kaleidoscope of textures and flavours bursting onto summer menus across the city. Either way we're sun-kissed, salivating and sprinting towards the five things we want to eat in Dublin this week...

1) Sautéed Potato and Onion Bread, Gopan

Any self-control we professed to having went straight out the window when we saw these lightly sautéed potato and onion breads with butter and fried mayonnaise from Gopan. They're the first Japanese owned bakery in Ireland and have a zero waste policy so preordering is essential, and can be done through Instagram.

2) Peach Mille-feuille, Bread 41

A thousand times yes to this peach mille-feuille from Bread 41. We doubt we'll be the only ones oogling the caramelised puff pastry, white chocolate mousse, orange roasted peaches and mint, so make your way there sharpish.

3) Squid, Courgette and White Asparagus, Allta

This new dish from Allta sings of a squid-filled summer - delicate, light, seasonal, 8 legs - it's got it all going on. The all too short seasoned white asparagus makes us weak at the knees so this was never not going to make the cut, and there are still some bookings for this week if you want to eat this as much as we do.

4) Charred Spring Onion and Ballymakenny Mayan Gold Potato Slice, Pala Pizza

We can barely wait to try a slice of this carb-meets-carb potato pizza pie. Those new season spring onions alone are enough to get us to Pala Pizza in Foxrock, and if you've never had a Ballymakenny Mayan Gold then you're missing out on a very special spud. All in all a solid reason to head southside.

5) Tiramisu French Toast, The Cake Café

This Tiramisu French toast from The Cake Café practically jumped off our feeds, and by the time you're reading this we may have devoured those gargantuan doorstopper slices with espresso cream cheese and chocolate like the proud gluttons that we are. *Pastry chef's kiss*


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