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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

This week we have a lot of questions - How is it August already? Is it safe to remove #LoveIsland from our muted list on Twitter yet? What’s that big fiery yellow thing in the sky? If you’re going to keep cool this week, there’s only one thing for it and that’s to eat wisely (and stay hydrated, keep shaded yada yada yada). This week we’re focused on five things we want to eat in Dublin that will make you admit you can’t stand the heat, so are getting out of your kitchen and heading to the nearest restaurant, café, bar, or food stall...

1) Savoury Tart from Fable Bakery, Phibsboro

Good news Northsiders, there’s a new bakery on the block. Fable Bakery trades every Friday at the Phibsboro Market in Royal Canal Bank Park and a little walk down there to grab a savoury tart like this recent nectarine, pickled onion and feta version, and eat it while sitting in some cool grass is basically the best idea you’ll ever have. Also, there probably will be dogs, so basically best day ever. Tor those south of the river, Fable has also started trading in Herbert Park Market on Sundays.

2) Razor Clam Ceviche, Note

On a sunny day, most normal people head to the beach, maybe get a surf in, build a sandcastle, frolic. We’re not normal people, we’re food people, and so we’re more seafood than see sea. The razor clam ceviche from Note is served with radish and a lime jalapeño aguachile so you know it’s going to be punchy, and because it’s Note, you know it’s going to be delicious. More amazing seafood please, Dublin. The sea is *sweeps hand* right there.

3) T-Bone Steak and Lettuce Parcels, Rustic stone

The trick for most people in surviving global climate meltdown, eh, we mean a heatwave, is to eat little and often, but who are we to tell you how to live your life? If the meat-sweats are more your style, compromise by ordering the T-bone with parcels of lettuce, pickled vegetables, cucumber, spring onion, garlic and crispy shallots from Rustic Stone on South Great George’s St. The veg will keep your meal light, and that jumbo steak will remind you that Fred Flintstone never complained about Bedrock being too stuffy in summer.

4) Oysters from Circa

If you are heading out for dinner, plan ahead and aim for a menu that’s light and won’t mean your legs are plastered onto the faux-leather taxi seats on the way home. Circa in Terenure’s new summer menu has been launched and it’s a) available à la carte (hurrah!) and b) packed with dishes like seabass ceviche and summery vegetables. The one that’s really caught our eye is the Connemara oyster with ponzu and dill sorbet from the snack menu, and while we love the sound of those flavours, the real draw here is marvelling at how they do such tiny quenelles.

5) Bulgogi Taco Fries from Jaru

Despite the heat, you are going to have to have dinner at home at some stage so you may as well reduce cooking time and go with a ready meal. We’re not talking some sad meal deal with a free garlic bread here; a rise in temperatures doesn’t mean a drop in standards. Jaru deliver homemade Korean food nationwide and their range has just been updated. While kimchi mac & cheese and Korean fried chicken platters will definitely make it into our online basket, there’s a new item on the menu and we’ve never wanted anything more - bulgogi taco fries. Serving two, triple-cooked fries are loaded with bulgogi beef, cheese, corn, peppers, miso-fermented jalapeno, and gochujag mayo. Hot, in every sense of the word. Menus and delivery info is on their website.


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