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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Chocolate stuffed brioche buns, butter chicken wings, and freshly fried doughnuts are just some of the ways we'd like to distract ourselves from energy bills, climate change and general impending doom this week. WBU?

1) Doughnuts From Flower & Bean

We're loving the look of everything from new Dublin 8 café Flower & Bean, and with Marta from Cakebox behind it there was never any doubt. Her bakes are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat, and our latest crush is her freshly fried and stuffed doughnuts. We spy lemon meringue...

2) Butter Chicken Wings, Happy Endings

Happy Endings are bringing a new brand of 'fusion' to the capital, and it's one we can actually get behind. Their latest creation is Butter Chicken Wings - Sean Ring's free range chicken wings covered in a butter chicken sauce made from toasted spices, garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes and of course, butter. They landed at the weekend and we're not sure how long they're going to hang around so we'd advise a prompt visit if they sound up your sráid.

3) Gyoza & Gherkins, Table Wine

Not the combination we were expecting to see on a dreary Monday, but if Table Wine think gherkins and gyoza go together we're willing to test it out. Stuffed with lion's mane mushrooms and cabbage, you can find them on their set dinner menu from Wednesday to Saturday.

4) The Double Chocolate Frankie, No Messin'

Honestly, we hadn't realised that double chocolate Frankies had ever left the No Messin' menu, and it's probably for the best, as when we spotted them on Insta with the tagline "making a comeback soon" we felt both panic and relief in the same split second. Happiness is chocolate brioche laminated with the best Irish butter and stuffed with Valhrona chocolate, and while you'd think it could be chocolate overkill, you would be wrong.

5) Bahubali Thali, Ruchii

If food was a mood, Ruchii's Bahubali Thali looks like euphoria, on happy pills. €42 will get you starters, curries, rice, naan, gulab jamun for dessert and a glass of beer or house wine, and we're not sure whether we want to stare at it or eat it more.


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