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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

The last few days have been full of discovery here in ATF HQ. Until this week we didn't know about sweet potato mascarpone, Baingan Mirchi Ka Salan, and that we desperately want to eat some Rogue River Blue. Curious? Here are the weird and wonderful sounding things we want to eat in Dublin this week...

1) Hummus Eggs, Tang

Hummus? Delicious. Eggs? Delicious? Tang? Very delicious. We had no idea hummus and eggs was a thing, but whatever Tang says goes so we need this combination in our lives.

2) Baingan Mirchi Ka Salan, Ruchii

There are few things we like more than having to google new foods and dishes that we've never heard of, and Ruchii's 'Baingan Mirchi Ka Salan' had us racing to our phones for a translation, and what a translation we got. "A scrumptious Hyderabadi dish made with eggplant and green chili ... the peanut, sesame, coconut curry base is creamy, spicy and tangy..." Currently our number one most wanted curry in the city.

3) Jerk Cauliflower Steak, The Woollen Mills

We're all for the veggie lifestyle but cauliflower steaks have never done it for us - until we stumbled across this from The Woollen Mills. They're serving it jerk-style with sweet potato and coconut blinis, Irish kale, almonds and grapes, and it's a flavour combination so out there we need to experience it for ourselves.

4) Rogue River Blue, Fallon & Byrne

A new cheese is always a welcome discovery, so our eyes widened when we say this Rogue River Blue on Fallon & Byrne's Instagram feed. It's American, wrapped in pear Brandy-soaked vine leaves, and was a previous winner of 'best cheese' at the World Cheese Awards. They've been allocated a small amount so it's fastest feet first on this one.

5) Pancakes With Sweet Potato Mascarpone, 31 Lennox

Who knew this was a thing? Definitely not us. 31 Lennox's buttermilk pancakes come layered with sweet potato mascarpone, peanut brittle, fresh fruit and maple syrup, and if this works it'll be the most effortless "vegetable into a sweet breakfast" slide we've seen in some time.


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