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5 Things We Want To Eat In Dublin This Week

Now that the official Christmas festivities have come to a close, it might seem like the right time to opt for a virtuous salad over another dessert, but we at ATF believe in indulgence all year round - sure you could be dead tomorrow. We’re all about a balanced diet, but balanced doesn’t mean devoid of pleasure, and this week we're feeling the hedonism, which is not just for Christmas.

1) Honey And Camembert Bread From Go Pan

As soon we adjusted to the idea of a cheeseboard after every meal, January had to come and spoil it all with chitchat of veganism and New Year’s resolutions. Luckily Go Pan heard our screams and saved the day with a wedge of camembert encased in hard bread, drizzled with honey. Heat before eating and dive in like it’s Christmas all over again.

2) Caramel Poached Apple Danish From Scéal

You probably already knew this but Shane, Charlotte and team, commonly known as Scéal Bakery, have their lamination process down to a tee. This week's seasonal Danish is layered with the perfect balance of butter and dough, and a stellar combination of caramel poached apples, bay leaf whipped ganache and blackberry jam. These babies sell out like hotcakes so order online before they’re gone.

3) The Double Smash Chipotle Burger From Dash

The one benefit of early pub closures is that places like Dash are still slinging burgers at 8pm. Smoky smashed patties with all the trimmings and a side of jalapeño poppers are the perfect post-pint soakage, but pre-order in advance to avoid getting stuck in the queue.

4) The Hero Pizza At Paulie's

"Please, no more roasties!", were the first words uttered as we pulled ourselves from the debris of the New Year's Eve party, in our kitchen. After what felt like an eternity of cranberry sauce and stuffing, we're ready to embrace Italian food again, starting with the Hero Pizza from Paulie’s. Parma ham, pepperoni, salami, red peppers, and a classic base of mozzarella and tomato sauce.

5) Vegan Chocolate Brownie At Soup

We love a plate of cheesy eggs as much as the next person, but when Soup says the words “crème anglaise” and “warm chocolate” in the same sentence, the absence of dairy becomes irrelevant. We're dying to try their vegan brownie with coconut and caramel ice cream, and reckon it’s the ideal treat for those attempting Veganuary.


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