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5 things we want to eat in Dublin this week

We're back with at least one veggie dish (for the month that's in it), a main course inspired by a cocktail, and a wintery cruffin, as some of the 5 things we want to eat most in Dublin this week...

1) Steamed Cod, Hang Dai

Hang Dai are celebrating their kick ass cocktails with a collaboration where bar meets kitchen. Their steamed cod, chilli and ginger dish is inspired by their Chili Chili Yaw cocktail, and features a special blend of pepper, chili shrub, bay leaves, and coriander seeds. What a pairing.

2) Veggie Bap, Honey Honey Cafe

This Toonsbridge halloumi, smashed avocado, fried egg veggie bap, served with homemade vegan ketchup, from the new Honey Honey Café in D4 is the perfect way to ease yourself into a meat-free January. You could drop the cheese and egg if you're doing Veganuary, but why torture yourself.

3) Pepperoni pizza, Minetta Deli

The pizza-by-the-slice game has got its game face on in Dublin at the moment. With the recent arrival of Mani, we love to see more top notch pizza sold by the slice (perfect for people with commitment issues). Sisters Nicola and Deboragh Hughes of Minetta Delicatessen - an Italian/NYC inspired café/deli are slinging out this little pepperoni number with hot honey if you find yourself on the Sutton side of the city.

4) Blood orange super split, Mr Fox

The retro super split dessert has been a fixture at Mr Fox since day one, but it's been given a January 2024 update with the addition of blood orange. We approve.

5) Apple crumble cruffin, Bread 41

There's still plenty of time to eat all the wintery desserts, and this spiced apple butter and custard cruffin from Bread 41, topped with a cinnamon glaze crumble has us in a low key chokehold. Clearly we didn't treat ourselves enough over Christmas so we may as well keep going...


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