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Dublin's first Detroit-style pizza shop opens today

Dublin is officially in its pizza slice era, with the arrival of only one that's been missing up until now. Doom Slice is Dublin’s first Detroit-style slice shop, and they open their hatch on Dame Lane at 17:00 today. If you remember our trip to Flout! in Belfast a few months ago, this will probably excite you.

Founded by New York native and pizza lover Tom Sicotakis, he says Doom Slice is the culmination of his lifelong passion for pizza. His love of Detroit-style deep dish pizza began during a trip to the Motor City, and inspired him to work on perfecting the iconic slice that's been missing in Dublin until now.

Detroit-style pizza is known for its thick, rectangular crust, which is crispy and chewy from being baked in rectangular steel pans, traditionally borrowed from the auto industry, and topped with a layer of cheese that caramelizes along the edges to form a crispy, cheesy crust called frico.

Tom has interestingly partnered with husband and wife filmmakers Ben Cleary and Angela Stempel, who came up with the branding and mascot, ‘Lil Doom’, and are fellow Detroit-style pizza enthusiasts who also couldn't understand why this type of slice wasn't available in Dublin.

Doom Slice open at 17:00 today from their Hatch on Dame Lane inside Pawn Shop. It can also be ordered from inside the bar. Check them out at or on Instagram.


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