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Four Meal Prep Services Reviewed

Meal prep services have never really been our thing. We love to eat out, and we love to cook, and the idea of having our meals delivered to us in plastic boxes each week has never appealed, but there are situations and times when we can definitely see why you'd sign up. Maybe you live alone, work long hours, have a new baby, or have nutrition goals you're struggling to maintain solo. When we asked recently if you were interest in an article on meal prep services the answer was overwhelmingly yes, so we picked four of the most popular and put them through their paces. There were good days, less good days, and totally offensive days, and here are the results...

Gourmet Fuel

Price: Pay per meal. Breakfast €5.55 - €6.55. Lunch/Dinner €7.95 - €10.95 for XL dishes. You can save money by opting into a subscription and letting them choose meals for you, or choosing yourself. We paid €58.65 for six meals including delivery.

Delivery: €6.95 nationwide (free on orders over €90), or can be collected from Sandyford.

Packaging: Recyclable/reusable, and they will take back their cooler bag filled with empty, clean trays if you'd like them to do the recycling.

What's the story?

Gourmet Fuel is a calorie/nutrition focused meal prep service with dishes in set bands, e.g. 400kcal breakfasts and 600kcal sides. Macro and micro nutritional values, along with ingredients and allergens are very clearly laid out, so it's a good option for anyone chasing numbers each week, whether that's totally energy consumption, protein or fat.

They set themselves out as providing "personalised nutrition" prepared by "gourmet chefs", providing fresh food and taking the hassle out of healthy eating each week. The idea is that you sign up for a weekly subscription which can either be left to them based on what you've told the FuelWizard meal plan builder, or totally customised by you, to encompass however many meals, snacks and sides you would like for that week. They say the majority of their meals can be frozen except salads and some breakfasts, and last four - seven days in the fridge (meals come with a date on them). We tried six dishes from their lunch and dinner range, which arrived together in a cooler bag with ice packs.

Best dishes:

Salmon poke bowl - fresh, loads of flavour, crunchy vegetables, but salmon looked and tasted canned which we weren't expecting.

Goat's cheese salad - This felt very leaf-based to add up to 500 calories, and it didn't need all of the dressing (presumably a good chunk of the calories), but it was very tasty with the walnuts and cranberries. For extra pro points you could stick the cheese back under the grill for a few minutes, but it was perfect straight from the fridge.

Sweet potato taco fries - W