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The Best Christmas Sandwiches In Dublin

One of the main perks of the festive season is the excuse to eat way more than we normally would, and the Christmas sandwich is one of those things we like eating throughout December - leftovers or no leftovers. The competition is particularly fierce this year but these are 15 of the best options out there if you can't wait till St. Stephen's Day. Carb coma guaranteed...

1) The Happy Cheesemas Toastie, Meltdown

First up it's the 'Happy Cheesemas' from Meltdown, who know a thing or two about making toasties worth travelling for. Stuffed with turkey, crispy bacon, homemade stuffing, brie, mature white cheddar, mayo and fresh cranberry sauce this one will keep you going until dinner.

2) The Christmas Special, Hush

Over in Rathmines, Hush are keeping it simple with a classic Christmas Special with roast turkey, glazed ham, homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy.

3) The Ultimate Christmas Sambo, Urbanity

In Smithfield, the chefs at Urbanity are being challenged to create the ultimate Christmas sambo with the winner decided by their customers. Contenders include the 'Turkey Xmas Sandwich' with turkey, fennel, leek and orange stuffing, lemon & thyme aioli, O’Neill’s bacon bits and gravy on Firehouse white bloomer, or the 'Duck Xmas Sandwich' with confit duck, orange stuffing, braised red cabbage, with duck fat and citrus tarragon mayo on a Firehouse white brioche bun. Life is full of difficult decisions and this one is a real pickle.

4) The MC, Joe's

Tartine sourdough, Wicklow brie, turkey, ham and cranberry sauce – what’s not to love about this festive feast from the Kemp sisters' stable, Joe’s Coffee at Arnotts.

5) The Christmas Croissant, Bread 41

Bread 41 have gone in a slightly different but no less delicious direction with their Christmas croissant stuffed with Wicklow brie, Irish baked ham, sourdough stuffing and cranberry sauce. Flaky, buttery croissants are one of life’s simple pleasures and this one looks extra special.

6) The Crambo, Griolladh

The folk from Griolladh upped their toastie game last week with the introduction of the Crambo. Crammed with their home baked marmalade ham⁠, shredded turkey, roast potatoes soaked in gravy,⁠ cranberry, walnut and herb crispy stuffing⁠ and Christmas veg pickles on Tartine sourdough with a house cheese blend. There's even a cranberry feta dip on the side. Available in all of their locations.

7) The Christmas Sandwich, Tiller + Grain

Focaccia lovers will appreciate the Christmas offering from Tiller + Grain filled with roast chicken, homemade stuffing, homemade mayo, spiced braised red cabbage and slow cooked ham hock. Like everything else from this kitchen you know this one will be good.

8) The Turkey & Stuffing Sambo, Fable & Stey

In Blackrock, Fable and Stey are doing a roaring trade with their turkey and stuffing sambo filled with roast turkey crown, bacon, herb and onion stuffing, Gubbeen cheese and cranberry sauce.

9) The Christmas Special, Legit Coffee Co.

If the gingerbread latte isn’t a good enough reason to make your way to Legit on Meath Street, the Christmas special should be. Cranberry roast chicken with onion stuffing, brie andhoney glazed ham on sliced sourdough is comfort food at its finest.

10) The Christmas Sandwich, Provider

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo is the recipe at newly opened Provider in Harold's Cross, and if you manage tto nab a quadruple chocolate fudge brownie with Maldon Sea Salt on your way out you'll be all the better for it.

11) The Christmas Special, Póg

It’s not just all about the pancakes at Póg, the Christmas sandwich looks like a strong contender in this category with more Brie than any person realistically needs, but hey, it’s Christmas.

12) The Sambo Clause, The Sambo Ambo

Located at The Guinness Storehouse for December, The Sambo Ambo is serving up Christmas sambos to hungry patrons and the 'Sambo Claus' looks worthy of a trip. Roast ham and roast chicken are soaked in gravy, with sage and onion stuffing and cranberry sauce.

13) The Christmas Special, Soup Ramen

Something a little different, but everything we've eaten in Soup has been A1 so we're expecting no different with this. Roast turkey and ham are paired with glazed carrots, gravy and kimchi tare, and let’s face it, kimchi makes everything better so why would things be different with a Christmas sambo.

14) The Santa Baby, Goat's Gruff

Apart from their excellent coffee and phenomenal pizza, Goat's Gruff have recently expanded their menu to include wood fired sandwiches, including the obligatory Christmas offering. The Santa Baby has all the requisite components for an epic Christmas toastie with the added special touch of being wood fired. Turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce on a sourdough ciabatta sounds like it would give Monica’s a run for its money.

15) The Christmas Burger, Chimac

Trust chicken sandwich slingers Chimac to come up with the goods whatever the season. Their Christmas burger features a free-range chicken breast in stuffing spice breadcrumbs, with brussel sprout kimchi, sriracha candied bacon, cranberry mayo and house pickles, and comes with a side of adobo gravy for dipping. They're only doing a limited amount each day so get in early if you want one. See you there.


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