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The Two Minute Review: Flower & Bean

What should we know about Flower & bean?

Flower & Bean is the latest (and perhaps greatest) addition to Dublin 8’s thriving café scene. We’ve been glued to their social media the last few weeks, and the love they seem to pour into their baked goods, and wanted to see if it had substance on top of style.

The space is bright and clean clean, with paired back benches and tables giving major Scandi vibes. The website describes "baking as a science", and the tables are decorated with test tubes repurposed as flower vases. Flower & Bean is run by a team of three: two coffee experts: Henrique, and Greg, and baker Marta (who's also behind Cake Box). Each staff member we spoke to was nicer than the last, and they're clearly excited to be here.

What did you have?

Flower & Bean serve 3FE roasted coffee and we had no complaints about our americanos. Beans, whole or freshly ground are also for sale. Ceramic cups are on the way for those eating in but they're limited to take-out cups for now, so you might want to bring your own.

The baked goods are made in house and beautifully presented in enamel dishware, and staff were very enthusiastic and helpful when indecision struck and recommendations were needed. We had a cinnamon roll with dried roses and pistachio which was plump and soft, with flavours that worked so well together.

We also had a pear and almond scone, their seasonal speciality, and you should go quick for this as it's due to change soon. It was light and buttery, with vivid almond and pear flavours, and when we asked for jam the staff told us they don’t do it, but had something better - home made cardamom butter. They win.

We featured the Crème Brûlée donuts last week, and it may have had more than a mild influence on our visit. It actually involved two visits on the same day as they weren’t ready the first time we tried - commitment or what. Thankfully it was everything we hoped it would be after hanging around - the crack of the brûléed top so satisfying, the custard centre flavoured with delicate and delicious vanilla.

Why should I go?

We love that Flower & Bean is committed to low waste (albeit needing to sort the coffee cup situation stat). They repurpose croissants into no waste croissant pudding, baking leftovers with chocolate, salted caramel and hazelnuts. They also sell loaves of freshly made sourdough as a whole or a half, for those who don’t need as much. We picked up a half for €3.50 and this is solid sourdough. Couple a visit with a trip to Urban Plant Life (sprawling jungle-like garden centre) next door and you’ve got yourself a very wholesome morning in Dublin 8.

Flower & Bean

113 Cork St, Saint Catherine's, Dublin 8


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