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The Two Minute Review: Yeeros Wexford Street

What should we know about Yeeros?

This Greek Souvlaki Bar has been a firm favourite in Glasnevin since 2018, and earlier this year opened branch number two on Wexford Street. Yeeros unsurprisingly specialise in gyros (pronounced ‘yeeros’) - flame-grilled meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, then sliced and served in pita, wraps and sandwiches.

Where should we sit?

There’s lots of space for sitting down, with nine tables, which could accommodate roughly 25 people.

We were there on a sunny afternoon and decided to take our lunch to Saint Kevin’s Park around the corner, which is a blissful oasis you should make a point of visiting if you haven't already.

What should we have?

The menu is divided into starters (no less than 16), a ‘From Our Grill’ section featuring gyros, sis kebabs, and other meaty dishes served in pita pots, wraps and ‘plate ups’. There's also veggie options, salads, ‘tasters’, and dips, and for dessert, loukoumades (Greek donuts), and other pastries.

We ordered a Greek style sis kebab pita pot, a fluffy pita filled with beef and lamb, tzatziki, tomato, red onion and chips. It had lots of flavour, but we found the amount of meat a bit lacking. The hand-cut chips are good but they seem heavy-handed with them, which puts the meat ratio out of whack. It's good value though at 8.45. The feta cheese chips were tasty, with the portion generous, but it could have done with being a shade tangier – we prefer more of a punch from our feta.

The skepasti consists of mixed gyros (pork and chicken), cheddar cheese, mayo-mustard sauce, salad and chips, between two pita breads, and is served with a generous smattering of more chips. This is huge, and could easily feed two. We enjoyed it, but again it would have benefited from more meat. We added a spicy whipped feta cheese and chili dip, and upgraded the pita to corn (GF), which brought the cost of this dish to a whopping 19.45.

For dessert, we tried the loukoumades – three freshly fried donuts drizzled in honey, cinnamon and walnuts, and wow. Warm, delicious - we’d go back for these to have with a morning coffee. They were also the cheapest item we ordered, at 3.95.

We had to try the baklava – the popular Greek dessert of filo pastry, pistachios, walnuts and honey. This is a generous portion, very tasty but a little on the wet side – it's not so much soaked in honey syrup as it is drenched in it.

What about drinks?

A very simple soft drinks menu here, with the usual fizzy drinks, water and juice. Nothing ground-breaking, but as you’re in the heart of Wexford Street you won’t have too far to go to get your beverage of choice.

Why should I go?

If you’re looking for food fast in the city, but want it to actually taste good, you can’t go wrong with Yeeros. We're going for the traditional starters next time, like the feta cheese with honey and sesame, and stuffed vine leaves, but as we were a little underwhelmed by the amount of meat, we'd love to see a little bit more gyros in Yeeros.


32 Wexford Street, Dublin 2

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