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Where To Eat in Dublin on Monday Night

In a post-lockdown world, we're all trying to carve out the time to meet the friends we've missed over the past 19 months. Saturday night cocktails, Sunday brunch and mid-week early birds are all great, but there's nothing like a Monday evening to start the week as you mean to go on. Unfortunately, thanks to issues currently hitting the hospitality industry, many of our Monday go-tos aren't currently operating early on in the week, but here are 17 options that will help you eek a little more out of your weekend.

1) Big Fan

Big Fan Bao on Aungier St. is open 7 days a week and is the perfect spot for Monday night cocktails, bao, duck wings, jellyfish salad, corn ribs, and those cheeseburger dumplings. Pro-tip: over-order and bring leftovers home for a very happy Tuesday.

2) Full Moon Thai

We loved Full Moon Thai when we visited, and figure that the Pla Kapong Luy Suan (deep fried whole sea bass with a herb salad and a serious amount of spice) is probably best eaten as early in the week as possible to give your tongue a chance to recover before the weekend. If you're not feeling quite so brave, the menu is extensive and properly Thai with no allowances for an Irish audience, so it's a great choice if you're with a small, adventurous group.

3) Sano Pizza

Sano Pizza operates out of two locations - Ranelagh and Exchequer Street - and both open on Monday nights. Apart from the obvious benefits (i.e. getting to eat pizza), it's a great call if the Monday you're eating out on happens to be the Monday before payday, as there is some seriously good value to be had here with a 12" margherita and a glass of house wine coming it at under €14. Impressively Italian.

4) The Chophouse

If you're looking for something a little more substantial to kick off your week, The Chophouse on Shelbourne Road is a gastropub with a focus on quality Irish ingredients. The main draw here is the steak, but lots of seafood and classics are on offer alongside an extensive wine list and an even longer list of Irish suppliers.

5) Drury Buildings

In a word where you can be anything, why not be the person who spends Monday nights sipping cocktails and eating oysters, gambas, and arancini on a D2 terrace? If you're not organised enough to book a table, Drury Buildings usually has space for walks-in too.

6) Ukiyo

Ukiyo is the ideal Monday spot. The restaurant has a great all day small plates menu (lobster sliders, anyone?) and the bar is buzzy and fun. Sadly (or not, depending on the kind of person you are), their karaoke booths are currently out of action but we're told it's likely they'll be back in time for Christmas, and are getting a bit of a facelift.