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Where to Find the Best Iced Drinks in Dublin

You step outside in July, an umbrella under your arm, and then it hits you. Literally. Heat. It’s momentarily warm. You don’t entirely know how to process this sensation. Then your brain springs in to action and you realise that this will probably last all of five minutes so you’re going to have to be super-fast and make the most of it. May we suggest a cold drink? Because nothing feels more like summer than sipping on an icy beverage as you stroll through town dodging the showers. From boba tea to cereal-laced coffee, here’s our pick of the best iced drinks in Dublin right now.

Bubble Tea from Ea-Tea Bubble Tea Shop

There are two types of people in this world; those who love bubble tea, and those who have yet to find the right bubble tea for them. Admittedly, the world of boba can be a bit daunting for rookies, but a dedicated shop like Ea-Tea on Parnell Street will make it really easy. We’d suggest starting out easy with a fruit or brown sugar milk tea with tapioca boba, but as you get more adventurous, you can progress to strawberry cheesecake, rose, or Milo.

Mango Cloud Yogurt Tea from Nunki Teahouse

If you find yourself hungry or thirsty in Dún Laoghaire, Nunki Teahouse is always a good call. For some serious refreshment, they have a range of cold fruit teas including pineapple, orange, watermelon, and a totally tropical mango cloud yogurt tea.

Crunchie Latte from Michael’s Sutton

You wouldn’t go to Michael’s for a salad, so there’s no point pretending that your summer coffee order is going to be a black Americano. Espresso, honeycomb syrup and whipped cream dusted with chocolate make for a pretty lethal liquid refreshment, but what else would you expect from the experts in being good to yourself.

Kombucha from Aventura

Iced coffees, with or without shots of salted caramel or dark chocolate, are available from Aventura in Portmarnock Station and Paddy’s Hill, but if you need to up your vitamin intake, grab a Kombucha and maybe a cruffin. For balance.

Espresso Tonic from Vice Coffee

When the espresso tonic trend hit Ireland in 2019, it did a rare thing and managed to unite coffee aficionados and gin lovers who each had a love/hate relationship with the drink. If you missed your chance to try it for yourself, our sage advice would be to ensure that you start with a really good coffee base, so head to Vice Coffee on Abbey Street and alongside Baste on Clanbrassil Street. Or forego the tonic and go straight for an icy cold cold brew.