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It feels somewhat trivial to be obsessing over food after the past few history-making days, but repealers still need to eat, so on we go.

In The Irish Times this week, Catherine Cleary was trying an enchilada cooking class at Picado, the Mexican food shop on Richmond Street. She laments the proliferation of Tex-Mex in Ireland (we'll refrain from mentioning one particularly offensive burrito chain) as opposed to what they actually eat in Mexico, and if you want further elaboration on Mexican Vs Tex-Mex, this podcast episode is brilliant.

She loved the vegetarian tamal (which we presume is the same as a tamale), the poblano pepper stuffed with squash and hibiscus flowers, the Oaxacan black bean sauce and the chilli and chocolate torte. We’re a long way from cheesy nachos and chicken fajitas.

She thought it was a brilliant night, and describes Lily as “an inspiring cook and storyteller whose love for real Mexican food makes for a delicious education.” Read her review here.

In The Irish Daily Mail, Tom Doorley is rhapsodising over the fresh Irish seafood at Niall Sabongi’s

Klaw Seafood Café, where he found eating Dublin Bay Prawns with his hands “deliciously liberating”.

More Dublin Bay Prawns with exotic mushrooms on toast were “simplicity itself” and “really worked”, and fish (hake) and chips had “shatteringly crisp batter encasing moist fish cooked perfectly, crisp skinny chips and proper tartare sauce that most definitely didn’t come out of a jar.”

He ends by saying that although restaurant critics tend to always go in search of the new, he’s finally learning to resist the urge to run straight in after a place opens, saying that “many first-nighters or first-weekers are not even remotely interested in what the food is like”. We're not sure if that’s a jibe at the city’s press or diners.

In the Irish Independent Katy McGuinness is the first critic to get to Barrows Keep in Graiguenamanagh, Kilkenny. Opened 7 months ago by Stephen McArdle and Morgan Vanderkammer