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5 Things We Want To Eat in Dublin This Week

Instagram has been very good for food inspiration this week. We actually had to whittle these down from 10 things we want to eat, and it was a tough one. Also we didn't mean to take you on a cheesy world food tour swear, it just kind of happened that way...

1. The Fritura Malagueña from Las Tapas de Lola

There's nothing like a plate of fried fish with a squeeze of lemon to convince yourself that summer's not over yet. Especially if you can get an outdoor table with a heater. Eat it with your eyes closed and tell yourself you're in Spain...

2. The Peek Gai Tod Nahm Pla (or spicy chicken wings) from Nightmarket

Spain not your thing? Want to pretend you're more further afield? It's pretty widely accepted that Nightmarket is the place to go for the best, most authentic Thai food in the city, and these spicy chicken wings with palm sugar, roasted rice, chilli flakes, spring onion and fish sauce are making us want to book a long haul flight. Seen as the chances of that actually happening are slim to none we'll settle for the luas to Ranelagh instead.

3. Italy in a Sandwich from Dunne and Crescenzi

Tomato, mozzarella, pesto and basil on lightly toasted Altamura sourdough bread (a regional speciality from the province of Bari). Struggling to think of a sandwich we'd like to eat more this week.

4. The Curried Lamb Special from 147 Deli

Until we saw this one, from superstar sandwich makers 147 Deli, making India the next stop on our world tour. This week's special is the curried lamb bap - Indian spiced lamb and curried cauliflower slaw with Indian spiced mango and yoghurt dressing on a sesame bap. Their sandwiches are enormous so go hungry. You probably won't need dinner either.

5. This Month's Special BuJo Shake

Finally if you're more of a staycationer, the brilliant, Irish-producer championing burger joint BuJo have a milkshake special on the menu right now, which is a collaboration with the equally brilliant Cupcake Bloke. We had his ridiculously tasty smoked brownies at The Big Grill Festival last month and now he's gone and put them into this, along with a Teeling Whiskey caramel sauce. It's only on the menu for a few weeks so if you like the sound of it get to Sandymount soon. We'll see you there.

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